Many People Only Watch Sports Programs On TV Rather Than Participate In Sports | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people only watch sports programs on TV rather than participate in sports. Is it good or bad?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

In contemporary settings, the vast majority of people are keen on viewing televised sports competitions but they rarely partake in sports activities. While they can reap some benefits from appreciating such programs, this is relatively detrimental to them in the long term.

People enjoy watching sports events on television for various reasons. To start with, most people have a natural interest in events that test the stamina and endurance of the human body. Also, many people have stressful jobs; watching their favourite team playing and winning allows them to forget their worries for a while. Patriotic feelings could be another reason to watch sports matches on TV. People are curious to know whether their national teams can win at the international level and hence they watch the live events on television.

However, this generates some serious problems. To commence with, most people lack strong self-control, so it becomes a norm for them to spend most of their leisure time in appreciating sports events on televisions by sacrificing their precious time which should have been allocated to workout. This sedentary lifestyle is seriously taking a toll on their health, and this can be evidenced by the fact that more and more of these viewers are suffering from diseases such as obesity and high blood pressure. Conversely, if they participate in sports activities regularly, their health can be better maintained, as doing exercise can burn their calories and avoid the saturation of fat. Furthermore, playing a sport or working out also provides the same level of relaxation by triggering the release of a feel good hormone.

In conclusion, while getting involved in watching sports programs is beneficial to viewers to some extent, playing the sport is even better as it makes them physically active. Hence, in my opinion, only watching sports matches without playing it is bad.

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