Many People Get Little Or No Exercise | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people get little or no exercise during the working day or in their free time, and develop health problems as a result. Why do many people do not get enough time to exercise? What can be done about this problem?       

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

It is indeed true that people become lethargic or show less interest towards any physical activities these days because of work pressure and presence of many entertainment sources. This has many detrimental effects on their health such as obesity and heart disease in the long run. Hence, regularly spending a little time for physical activity is essential to improve health.

There are several factors because of which people do not get enough free time. Owing to the demanding nature of work, people spend most hours of the day at their workplace which makes them nearly dead with fatigue. Thus, they prefer to take some relaxation or sleep rather than engage in any physical activity in their leisure time. Next, in the modern technologically developed world, there are abundant paraphernalia such as televisions, computers, mobiles, etc which lure everyone towards them. These are passive in nature and keep people away from doing any physical exercise.

However, the situation is still not out of our hands. To begin with, creating awareness on benefits of physical activities could be the first step to motivate people to do exercise. What is more, the government should organize free campaigns on yoga and physical exercise to entice people towards them. All in all, physical activity keeps us healthy.

To recapitulate, people do not get much time because of above mentioned barriers and ignore physical fitness. However, in my opinion, they should understand the importance of exercise and try to take out some time from their busy lifestyle, instead of wasting all the time in sedentary activities. As a result, people can stay fit and live long.

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  1. Abdul Azeez says:

    Most people are developing health issues as an outcome of little or no physical activities during weekdays or in their leisure time. The primary cause of this phenomenon is the sedentary and busy lifestyle, and the most viable solution is to educate and create awareness people about the health-related problems due to inadequate physical exercises in daily routine.
    Nowadays, people are busy with their modern lifestyle and least bothered about physical fitness. That is to say that people are living a sedentary way of life in today’s racing world, where they have little or no time to concentrate on their health and fitness. The consequences of this way of life lead to health-related issues like obesity, cardio and blood sugar diseases. For example, a recent survey carried out by the World Health Organization revealed that 43% of early age diseases are due to lack of physical fitness and healthy modus vivendi.
    A long-term solution to this predicament is to educate people and create awareness about the dangers of health problems caused by an unhealthy way of living. Youngsters and middle-aged people should be taught about how to allocate time for physical fitness daily and its long-term benefits of both physical and mental health. For example, a local Health Center in Belgium started a health awareness campaign in surrounding neighbourhoods about the benefits of a healthy way of living, and they noticed a great response in the coming weeks, where many people started joining local clubs and enrolling in outdoor games, Yoga and other sports.
    In conclusion, “Our Health Is Our Wealth” withstands with this essay because health is vital before anything in life, and taking good care of our body should be a habit to protect ourselves from health-related problems.

  2. siectio says:

    These days there are some debates about the mandatory military service for youth in some countries. Some people think that military program is a duty for every youth while others disagree. For some purposes, the writer concur with they who saying that compulsory military service program is essential for some countries. This essay will discuss about it further.
    Those who argued that military is a must for youth see in the views of youth in this era. As we know, young people in this time tend to ekspress theirselves in a way that we cannot predict. They are full of innovations, creativity and energy. Nevertheless, there is one significant point they can be disturbed and limited. This types make the military style doesn’t fit them too much so that their training will never give too much impact because they do not like it. I remembered when there were some issues to implement the compulsory military training, most of my friends in my class refused. They think that being active in military was not fascinating and tend to be bored. It was caused by the dicipline and the unflexibility in the world of military so they think it is not important to join the program. Besides, the country has defence department having job to keep our countries safe. Thus, compulsary military service is not suitable with the young men at this time.
    Those who support the argumentation that military service are mandatory for people in the young age start with the ideas that all people has a duty to protect our country as it is written in the constitution. Then, how will we be able to defend our country when we do not have any competencies to apply that? This statement solemnly explain that military program youth is a need. Another supporting opinion is the fact that 30 percent of young people in my regency has no any activities (Not in education, employment and trade). This reality showed that the 30 percents of youth was lack of capability. This condition must be optimized by having the youth join the military service so that the lackness of human resources in the military can be helped by youth who formerly didn’t work any activites. These two arguments lead to the conclusion that as a duty and to fulfil the weakness in the military must be done by holding the compulsory military service.
    According to the different argument above, it can be infered that mandatory military service must be implemented because this is a way to ekspress our love to our country. However, some new integration must be done so it can handle the bored experienced by youth and make them feel happy to do the military training.

  3. Luffy says:

    There is growing evidence that man-made activities are making global temperatures higher. What might be the man-made causes of temperatures rising? How should we deal with this problem?

    Global warming is an increasingly concerning phenomenon and is believed that it is the result of human activities. In this essay, I am going to examine the reasons for this increase in temperature and some solutions to this serious problem.

    The main causes of global warming are deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels. Firstly, cutting down trees in excess and in areas of national reserve can lead to fewer green plants that neutralise the toxic gases that contribute towards increasing global temperatures. For example, the recent Amazon forest fire will inevitably affect the process of global warming because the vegetation played a massive role in clearing out carbon dioxide and supplying a major portion of global oxygen. Secondly, industrialisation has led to burning of huge quantities of fossil fuels and generation of noxious by-products. The latter change the composition of the air leading to acid rain, smog and acceleration of the process of global warming. For example, many scientific researches have stated that increasing number of factories have led to the melting of snow caps and rising of sea level.

    Some solutions to these problems include protecting the green lands and imposing tariffs on industries. Forests all around the world should be protected by their governments, as well as internationally by organisations which monitor activities that could potentially act as catalysts to warm the Earth’s temperature and harm the ecosystem. For instance, there are several environmentalists and groups such as Green Peace that are currently campaigning and protesting against deforestation. Meanwhile, the citizens should pressure governments to impose high tariffs on companies who exceed their carbon footprint limit and provide grants or rewards to those who comply with the rules and run their company in an environmentally friendly way. To illustrate, many companies now have changed their aims and objectives to align with the international carbon footprint limit and other green goals. This includes making changes in their management, machines and educating their employees to raise awareness about global warming.

    To conclude, artificial activities like deforestation and industrialisation have contributed to the warming of our planet. However, they can be managed by employing help from the government to introduce high taxes on those who produce too much waste and also by protecting green forests.

  4. Adedayo Ayeni says:

    Both the poor and the rich find accessibility in to university difficult.Do you agree or disagree.


    The upper class and the lower in our society access to university have become difficult in recent rimes.In my opinion both classes have not been affected in any form that is significant for this conclusion to be drawn.However,some factors have have indicated that people’s accessibility to our ivory towers are becoming strenuous.

    To start with,there are numerous financial plans that have been put in place to aid all cadre of the society to have higher education.The upper class have access to loans,bond and properties to access funds for their wards to get admission into the universities.Also,various governmental and non government organisations have provided scholarships schemes to help the poor,which allows them to have equal opportunity as well.A recent charts released by the ministry of education showed that that 70 per cent of students that were admitted between 2018 and 2019 came from the rich back ground and the remaining 30 per cent were on admitted based on scholarships.

    In addition, government and private entities have established more universities in the pas 5 years to add to the existing ones,this is as result of exponential increase in the population.The establishment of more universities have created more room to accommodate our increasing population.The newly founded ivory towers comes with different standards depending on the location where they are situated.Unlike many years when the universities we have are countable ,2019 statistics has shown that people with the ages of 16 to 30 years which account for 60 per cent of the population are now now studying in our universities.

    However,the sub standard preparation by admission bodies that conduct matriculation exams for students have been the problem.Prospective students have complained about the out of syllabus questions ,the poor states of facilities used for the conduct of this exam which ultimately slows down their performance on exam day.Students with low scores regardless of their status will not gain admission to the university of their choice.

    In conclusion,the affluence and the lower people in the country have been given options to access university with the provision of loans,scholarships and even creations of more universities.It must also be stated that examination bodies must wake up to their responsibilities by providing conducive atmosphere for students to write matriculation exams.

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