Many People Believe That There Is A General Increase In Anti-Social Behaviours And Lack Of Respect For Others | Band 6.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people believe that there is a general increase in anti-social behaviours and lack of respect for others. What are the causes and suggest solutions?

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Band 6.5 IELTS essay sample

In this modern era, due to the technology advancement the world has turned into a global village and allows communication across nations but it has shown adverse effects as well. The primary causes of this phenomenon are the change in the structure of family and their busy work life. This essay will discuss the main causes of this practice and how it can be improved in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, most people of this era are wealthy enough that they can manage their family and individual expenses well but they have a greedy heart to acquire more money so they have to work long hours and due to this, they do not have sufficient energy to interact with their neighbours and also, can not afford more time with their children. Moreover, nowadays most of the families are nuclear where both parents are working late hours and their children are left with the pervasive media or internet, they can watch anything such as crime serials or pornography videos in their free time and which can affect their learnings badly and one of the reason that children do not like to be socialize or to play outside with friends. In addition, the internet has given access to a wide range of information and data and people have stopped taking advice from their elders and started asking questions to Google. This also gives the impression that they have no respect for their elders.

However, there are a plethora of solutions by which this situation can be improved. Firstly, the government should impose fixed working hours for individuals so that they can complete their work on time and spend more time with their children. Additionally, family should start living with their grandparents so children can learn ethics and moral values from them through fairy tales. Likewise, parents should block some websites from their computers which can corrupt their behaviour. Parents should participate in the welfare programmes to interact with other parents or neighbours.

To sum up, good parenting is essential to raise children who show respect for others. If possible, the joint family system should be brought back. Communities should also strive to create a healthy and respectful environment for their members.

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