Many People Believe That The Age Of Shopping Malls Is Coming To An End | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people believe that the age of shopping malls is coming to an end, soon online shopping will completely replace retail stores. Explain the reasons for this and give your own opinion.

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Millions of people around the world are changing the way they shop. There are two main kinds of buying products which are online shopping and physical shopping. These days remote shopping is increasingly becoming popular among customers which lead many people to think that in the near future this trend will entirely take over the role of retail stores. From my point of view, I think two main factors of this are the achievements of technology and many advantages of online shopping. However, I believe that it cannot completely take the place of brick and mortar shops.

Since the advancement in technology, it is showing an impact on different walks of life including the way of shopping. Online shopping completely depends on modern technology and many scientists have been working on this to develop for a long time simultaneously in the field of shopping malls has fewer people who actually care about its improvements. For example, one part of online shopping is the gadgets called drones that deliver products to the right next the door by flying in the air. However, customers cannot buy all type of commodities through the use of drones as the weight it can carry is limited.

Another main cause of why remote shopping is replacing physical shopping is due to many benefits of it. Purchasing products online take a fraction of time and does not demand any additional effort. In order to purchase merchandise, all clients have to do is to just click the buttons and make payment via their pc or phones comparing to retail stores that consume much time. Also, the products shoppers bought are delivered themselves which does not require any additional physical activity. For instance, I frequently use online shopping and recently I have bought the headphone that took only two minutes to purchase. But, despite the many merits of remote shopping, it cannot completely replace physical shopping. Because there are still some products such as clothing that many purchasers often find difficulty obtaining these products online since it is impossible to check whether the size suits or not.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that in spite of the achievements and many better aspects of online shopping it cannot entirely replace brick and mortar shops.

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  1. Jin Hui says:

    Question: Some employers want to be able to contact their staff at all times, even on holidays. Does this development have more advantages than disadvantages?

    When individuals applies for a job, that one has interest in, most of them would prefer to have a work-life balance, where one is able to rest without getting disturbed with more work. In reality, some employers make in compulsory that you are always reachable all the time. In my opinion, I believe that there are more disadvantages to advantages and we will talk about it in essay.

    As human beings, we tend to be absent-minded, and might miss out important details while relaying the message. With an individual that is constantly reachable after working hours, we can prevent that from happening as the employee is always on the ball, and is able to start work promptly after returning to work.

    On the other hand, there are obvious disadvantages to being reachable all the time. One of them is that, an individual will have to sacrifice family time, as one is always on their devices after working hours. For example, in a midst of a family gathering, one have to walk away due to work related matters. It might live an impression that the individual prioritise work over family. Next, fully resting after working hours might lead to health issues such as heart problems as your heart is getting enough rest.

    In conclusion, the disadvantages on employees to be contactable after working hours outweighs it’s advantages. I think, it would be better if individuals were to approach their employers to find out what are some conditions one have to fulfil, and if being contactable after working hours is one of them, and one feels difficult to accomplish, it is best to work out an agreement with your employer to ensure work-life balance.

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