Many People Believe That Social Networking Sites Such As Facebook Have A Huge Negative Impact On People | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people believe that social networking sites (such as Facebook) have had a huge negative impact on both individuals and society. To what extent do you agree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Almost everyone uses social networking sites like Facebook these days. Some people are convinced that social networking has significantly more negative than positive impact on our lives. I completely agree with this view.

First and foremost, social networking has led to an increase in incidents of crimes. It gives even complete strangers access to the personal details of a person such as their locality, place of work etc. This is because social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. encourage the public to share their day to day activities with their friends on their network. Although it feels good to share the happenings in your life with your mates by doing so online users are making it easy for fraudsters to access their personal information. Additionally, criminals can launch cyber attacks on their victim.

Another point to consider is the decline in human interactions. To illustrate, because of the flexibility that social networking provides like communication via chat, video calling, conference calls etc. it brings laziness to individuals. As a result, they hesitate to meet people in person. Unfortunately, lack of face to face interactions hurts relationships and leads to social alienation.

To sum up, although it sounds exciting to be part of social media and to share our whereabouts with friends, colleagues etc, it brings more concerns that need to be handled very well. Otherwise, it could have a significant negative impact on an individual and the society.  I believe that one should be very much aware of the issues that social networking brings before starting to use it.

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  1. sandeep says:

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    in conclusion, offering a little cash would help children managing all expenditures wisely and making less dependent on parents.

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