Many People Believe That Media Coverage Of Celebrities Has A Negative Effect On Children | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people believe that media coverage of celebrities is having a negative effect on children.

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Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In today’s world, everybody is fascinated by glamour and the people associated with it are idolized everywhere. Celebrities are given huge importance due to their social standing and the media cash in on their publicity. This essay will argue how media coverage of celebrities has adverse effects on the younger generation.

In this era of social media, youngsters follow their favourite celebrities across various platforms and are influenced by them. These children look at celebrities as their role models and often attempt to adapt their lifestyles and habits. For instance, cosmetic surgeries have increased by 35% after the Kardashian sisters admitted to going under the knife. Girls, as young as 15 years, are flocking to surgery clinics to mimic the features of their favourite celebrities. Publicising such trends not only risks the health of youngsters, but also instils in them the idea that physical appearance is more important than character and personality.

Another problem caused by this obsession with celebrities is that they make young people feel inferior. For example, celebrities are famous for their extravagant lifestyle. They flaunt a new dress and hairstyle everyday. Some of them even have a new boyfriend or girlfriend every two weeks. If youngsters blindly follow this lifestyle of celebrities it can have a negative effect on their future. Media should keep a close check on what they broadcast to prevent the generation of tomorrow from getting brainwashed by the negative elements in the society.

In a nut-shell, this essay completely agreed with the argument that media coverage of celebrities has negative effects on children. Indeed, it is important to restrict content that can harm children and parents should keep a close check on the celebrities their kids idolise. 

Band 7.5 essay sample

Many people believe that media coverage of celebrities is having a negative effect on children as they are exposed to unnecessary things and are guided to the wrong path. I fully agree with this view.  

Firstly, celebrities are the people who live in the lime-light for one reason or another. Media take advantage of their popularity to boost their viewership or readership. As celebrity news sells media will continue to cover their private lives and this can have a negative impact on young people. Young people who closely follow these celebrities on social media or other platforms may get tempted to follow their fashion and lifestyle. In most cases this is detrimental for them because many celebrities are also known for their wayward lifestyle and wrong choices. If children blindly imitate this lifestyle, it can spoil their life.  

Excessive coverage of celebrities in the media also mislead children into believing that winning fame and being in news all the time should be the ultimate goal of life. This obsession with fame often causes many youngsters to fall into depression. The unrealistic beauty standards promoted by celebrities and media also make many people feel inferior. They fail to appreciate their body and look for ways to make it perfect. Some of them develop eating disorders in their desperation to lose weight. Others go under the knife to achieve perfect celebrity features. In either case, this is harmful for them.

In conclusion, most celebrities represent glamour and luxury. The excessive coverage that they get in the media is misleading young people by making them believe that life is all about being in news for flashy lifestyles, alleged linkups and mindless partying.  This misconception brings more harm than good to young people.

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  1. khaja says:

    In today’s world, everyone is fascinated by glamour and the people associated with it are idolized everywhere. Celebrities are given huge importance due to their physical appearance and the media cash in on their publicity. This essay will discuss how media coverage has negative effect on teenagers.

    In this era of social media, youngsters follow many celebrities very easily and get influenced by the way of their lifestyle. These children start using products and their way of living. For instance, many teenagers start making tattoos on their bodies by watching them on media during their movie promotions. These tattoos are toxics and they cause skin cancer later during their lifetime. such trends not only risks their life bt also can shatter their parent’s dreams.

    On the other hand, many road accidents are caused because of youngsters performing bike stunts. As per recent traffic police department data 50% of such accident have been increased in recent times. For examples recently a 15 year old boy accidently while perfroming a stunt shown in media. The news of this boy has not only sparkled in India but also internationally. Overall, the media must not broadcast such kind of videos which can be harmful to the children.

    In conclusion, most of the people believe that media coverage of celebrities and their videos has a negative effect on teenagers. Indeed, it is important that care must be taken to restrict content that can harm the gernation of tomorrow and parents must keep checking the celebrities their kids idolize.

  2. Ankush says:

    Celebrity faces are not uncommon in news as well as social media, owing to which adolescents are often mislead as they try to imitate the lifestyle of their favorite personalities. I certainly agree with the view and in this essay I will prove it with illustrations.

    To embark on, news reporters always try to capture every moment of superstars and play it on their channels for increasing their TRPs. While doing so they constantly pinch star-faces to create controversies so that they can record and visualize their awkward behavior on screens. When these videos reach youngsters, they are the most vulnerable to mimic the same abusive nature in their lifestyle , which can be destructive for their future. So, media coverage of odd conduct initiates mis happenings in a child’s mind.

    Moreover, present day notable artists and their fans are connected through social networks like Facebook, Instagram. These celebs post daily photos and videos with branded products, expensive cars and world trips or in simpler terms they show off their luxurious living. As a result, children who are following them also start demanding those things form their parents because of maturelessness. How a common can afford that?

    In conclusion, there is no doubt that celebrity news are constructing troubles in teenager’s lives for the reason that they are more tend to adopt whatever they observe in daily life.

  3. Adel says:

    An increasing majority is concerned about the ill effects that come with extensive media glorification of celebrities. Their job requires them to lead a certain lifestyle and present themselves a specific way, which must not be idolized by children. I agree with the above statement and this essay will further discuss my views.

    Firstly, a crucial aspect of being a celebrity requires one to constantly be in the headlines. This leads to them engaging in an exorbitant lifestyle including creating controversies, expensive cars, branded clothing and much more. Innocent children viewing this might not distinguish it as a desperate measure to stay relevant, and rather aspire to indulge and copy their lifestyle. Failure to bridge this gap between the practical world and the celebrity way of life harms their mental health leading to depression and acting out as a result of needs not being met. Studies published in 2017 by University of Cambridge revealed how companies influenced children to boost sales using celebrity endorsement.

    Secondly, celebrities and movie stars are under constant pressure owing to a hectic work schedule, thus indulging in alcoholism and having behavioural issues. This is again glorified by the media thus influencing youngsters negatively. For instance, the government issued a ban on depicting the consumption of alcohol and smoking on television. This came into effect after numerous reports showed how their representation in mainstream media directly affected the behavioural pattern of the youth.

    To conclude, considering the aforementioned views, I agree with the negative effect that media coverage of celebrities has on children.

  4. Parminder says:

    It is generally believed that famous people news has a negative impact on the young adults. This essay disagrees with it because they impact the masses in a positive way. This essay will first demonstrate the role of a celebrity in transforming the juveniles into better beings and will then state how they inspire the youth to achieve higher goals.
    The celebrities influence the youngsters in becoming a responsible person. The actions of these famous people is imitated by the today’s generation which has helped to uproot several issues; assisted by the media houses who bring such useful information in the public domain. For example, the Clean India mission by Indian government was propogated through people from the film industry. The media covered the event of celebrities participating in cleaning the plastic waste from the beaches. This instilled a feeling of responsibility in the children, not to throw the left overs in public places and rather discard the waste in proper bins.
    Another benefit of the media highlighting the celebrity lifestyle is to inspire the budding talents. The interviews of the sports persons bring out the stories of the struggle that they went through before attaining a lavish lifestyle. Aap Ki Adalat show is the prime example, where the journalist asked intriguing questions from captain of the Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli about his struggling days being from a mediocre family and the efforts made to reach his current status. Several children from disadvantageous background get a motivation to excell their potential and realise that any goals is not too high to be achieved.
    In conclusion, the media has a very positive impact on the telecasting the news of celebrities. It brings the real life stories of the celebrated people which aspire children to stay focused on the path of hard work and also act as a catalyst to promote the reform bringing causes.

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