Many People Believe That International Tourism Is A Bad Thing For Their Own Countries | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their own countries. What are the reasons?  What are the solutions to change negative attitudes?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Although international tourism is one of the largest booming industries, some people consider this detrimental to host nations. The main reason for this is cultural differences and to remedy this problem, a collaborative effort of the individual individual and the government is required.

To begin with, the difference in cultural and traditional values of the countries is the most crucial factor responsible for the opposition towards foreign tourism. Many countries such as India, Pakistan, and Arabia have traditional cultures and they provide immense importance to their cultural values and beliefs. For this reason, they often expect tourists to follow the same and any violation leads to conflicts. To illustrate, recently in Mumbai, two foreign tourists faced criticism of locals and they were not allowed to enter the Sidhi temple as they were not wearing the traditional attire. Thus, the damage that foreign visitors can cause to ethnic values makes the people oppose their entry.

To combat this issue a collective effort is needed. Primarily, tourists should be encouraged to learn and understand the cultural and traditional norms of a country before visiting it. It is imperative that visitors respect the culture of the host countries and act according to them. Also, local people should treat the visitors as their guests and guide them appropriately when they violate the norms instead of criticizing them. Secondly, the authorities and tourist associations should also provide the complete guidelines to the visitors in the form of brochures, websites or templates.

In conclusion, despite the surge in the rate of tourism, it is not considered a good trend by some people owing the conflicts it can cause between tourists and locals. To change this perspective, tourists should respect foreign cultures and customs when they are abroad and the governments of host nations must also take appropriate actions to make tourists comfortable.

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