Many People Believe That International Tourism Is A Bad Thing For Their Own Countries | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their own countries. What are the reasons?  What are the solutions to change negative attitudes?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is commonly believed by a significant number of people that foreign tourists have a negative impact on their countries. There are several reasons for this negative attitude towards international travellers. This essay will first highlight price inflation and influence on local culture as the root causes of the aforementioned issue and then it will discuss certain measures that could be taken to handle the situation.

To begin with, international tourism adversely affects the prices of basic goods and services in an economy. Needless to say, whether it is for a business or leisure purpose, foreign visitors tend to spend a significant amount of money during their visit, and such transactions occur in foreign currencies which are higher in value when compared to the local currency. As a result, the local service providers charge higher for their goods and services. While this price inflation barely affects the foreigner, it hurts the local resident. For instance, according to some estimates, local food and lodging costs in Thailand increased dramatically in the last three decades. The same problem exists in almost all tourist places.

Similarly, multi-cultural visitors from different countries impact the local culture negatively. Foreign travellers tend to show disrespect towards traditional customs of the host country. As an illustration, in Malaysia, tourists consume alcohol in public and wear certain clothes which expose their bodies; consequently, local people get influenced and adopt similar practices. If tourists had respected norms and traditions of the host society, local values would not have been affected negatively.

However, aforementioned issues may be resolved by adopting certain proactive measures. Firstly, governments should design certain policies to control the price of local services regardless of foreign visitor’s spending. Likewise, airport management, in collaboration with local authorities, should run cultural awareness campaigns for non-native visitors.

To conclude, the inhospitable perception that the local people have of the international tourists can be explained in many ways. In my opinion, it is essential for the governments of hosting countries to change such negative attitude by controlling price hikes and making overseas visitors aware of local values.

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2 Responses

  1. Harjit says:

    It is beyond doubt that world tourism has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Though, it has brought emense benefits for different countries but according to a group of individuals, it is not a positive change for their countries. In this essay, I will explicate in depth why these people are thinking it is bad and relevant soultions of making their attitudes positive.

    They are giving few solid reasons in support of their viewpoint. The first reason is that governments of their countries would need million of dollars to spend to develop infrastructure , transportation, accomodation, security of their toutrists that would be an additional burden on their countrymen. Instead, This big chunk of money can be utilize in solving the major issues such as pollution, poverty, unemployment and so on. Moreover, tourist can damage the heritage of their countries and it is possible that they break rules and regulations and deplete the environment as well. In addition to it, They can be dangerous for the security of their counries because they can be spy.

    This thinking reflect their negative attitudes. Here are few solutions for changing them. Topmost solution is that they should well aware about the benefits of international tourism. For instance, international tourism open doors for people to connect , to know about different cultures that can change their rigid thinking. What is more, tourism generate employment opportunities for local people and it can generate source of income. For instance, Newzealand is tourists country and tourists are the major countributor to its economy.

    In the conclusion, No doubt some peopl are thinking negative about international tourism but awareness about its number of benefts can convert their attitude into positive one.

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