Many People Believe That Countries Should Produce Food For The Whole Population | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people believe that countries should produce food for the whole population and import as little food as possible. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is commonly suggested that food grown by the nations should satisfy the needs of all their citizens and imports must be curbed as much as possible. I completely agree with this point of view as this will help countries in saving money and creating many opportunities for the residents.

One of the biggest benefits of producing food in-house is that it can financially favor the governments. Becoming self-sufficient in food production and minimizing imports makes the country less dependent on others and at the same it benefits local producers. This will also give an upper hand in trade related decisions with other nations. Moreover, food grown in the country will have lower base prices as they become a regular item in people’s diet. For example, 30 years ago, India was totally dependent on foreign countries for wheat and then wheat prices were high. However, now the country produces enough wheat for its people and prices have fallen by 50%. Thus, domestic production of foods benefits national economies.

Additionally, the idea of growing food to fulfill the country’s demand will create many opportunities for their people to grow. This will create higher employment in this sector and will motivate the researchers to develop new technologies. For instance, the state of Punjab created 30% more jobs for its residents since the time it started to lead the nation in the production of wheat. Furthermore, the state government was able to allocate more resources to the research and development making wheat much more affordable to the people of India.

In conclusion, the idea of growing food that can fulfil the need of the country and curtailing imports is entirely justified. This will not only make the country financially strong but also generate more employment opportunities employment and elevate its technological capacities in the long run.

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