Many People Argue That Online Courses Are Better Than Offline Courses | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people argue that online courses are better than offline courses. Discuss both the points and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

While some people argue that it is better to do online courses than regular courses, others insist that regular class room courses are more beneficial. In my opinion, online courses are way more advantageous than offline ones as they are more interactive, and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

One the one hand, many people support the idea that online courses are better as they deliver the course content in a very interesting and interactive way, which makes learning more effective. Online study material and lectures provide the information in the form of video with graphical representations making it easy to understand and retain the concepts and vital information. Moreover, both recorded and live sessions of online courses can be accessed at the click of a single button through devices like personal computers, laptops and smart phones. For Instance, teachers from Delhi are teaching mathematics to students in London through live sessions available 24 hours.

On the other hand, it is also believed by some that offline courses are better since they give an opportunity to a student to interact with a teacher face to face and thus establish a direct connection between them. It helps a teacher to deliver the lecture in the best possible way and help the student to perform well in his/her subject / course. Another reason why offline courses are considered better is that the student can learn from their fellow students which makes learning more practical and illustrative.

However, offline programmes tend to be more expensive than online programmes. Also, in order to attend a regular course, a student has to be physically present in the classroom. This is not possible for people who have a full time job. Online programmes, by contrast, can be accessed at a time convenient to the learner.

To conclude, there are many persuasive ideas in support of both the arguments but it is my strong conviction that online courses are far better than offline courses because students can learn more effectively through digital interactive sessions at the click of a single button while sitting at home.

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6 Responses

  1. harjit says:

    Technology has brought tremendous change in our education system in the last 15 years. Where in the past, we had only onffline courses to study but now variety of offline courses are also available. Hence, a popular stratum of society deems that online learning courses are more beneficial than offline study. In this essay, I will delve deeper into both sides before to express my opinion.
    According to first school of thought , web delivered courses create opportunity for all age group people to study whether they are full time employees, housewifes or students. Moreover, people can study at their own convenience because classes are flexible. In addition to it, they get familiar with the technology that opens the doors to get connection with the whole world. For example, when someone studies online he comes in the contact with the tutors that belong to different parts of the world. Thus, It helps to kill to world with one stone. Furthemore, online courses are cheaper than offline.So, it is a boon for those who cannot bear high expenses of classroom study.
    On the contrary, offline education is the traditional method of learning and have their own benefits that people cannot ignore. First of all, many courses where practical knowledge is essential can only be teach and learn offine. For instance, for becoming a doctor, hands on experience is must that cannot be gained through online but can practice in classes or clinics. Secondly, offline mode gives opportunity to sit in the classroom environment and interact with the fellow students and teachers. This enhances social skills.
    In the conclusion, I believe that both systems have their own advantages but classroom study is far better because it gives the environment of study develop competition and gives opportunity to interact with the teacher face to face.

    • ielts practice says:

      This is a band 6.5 essay. Maybe it would have been better if you had proofread it.

      • harjit says:

        and what is your opinion about ideas that i give.. i know about grammatical mistakes but not sure about content that i write.. and one thing more, if i eliminate the grammatical errors, then is it possible to get 7 if i write similar ideas in the paper.

        • ielts practice says:

          Your content seems okay to me but it can improve. Grammar is the main issue I noticed in your samples. If you can improve it you have a decent chance of getting 7.

  2. harjit says:

    Yeah, mistakes while typing ..i will do quick check from next time… Cheers

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