Many Parents Today Do Not Spend Much Time With Their Children

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The harsh reality of today’s world is that children do not get to spend enough time with their parents. In my opinion, this is a result of financial burden on the parents and their efforts to provide all the comforts to their children. This change definitely affects the children more than the parents.

Nowadays, it has become compulsory for both parents to work to meet ends. Inflation rates have skyrocketed over the years making it challenging for a fulfil event their basic needs and wants. For example, the prices of essential commodities like food and clothing have soared over the years. Homes have become costlier too. Consequently, to afford these basic necessities and to offer a good standard of living to their children, both parents are forced to work in many families. As a result, they fail to spend enough time with their children.

This change has certainly had some detrimental effects on both parents and children. On the one hand, the holistic development of children depends on parents’ love and attention. Children learn family values, moral principles and discipline from their parents. If parents are away for extended hours, the character formation of children is often affected. Children also need the presence of parents to feel safe and valued. Consequently, when parents spend more time at work, they feel abandoned. This affects the bonding they have with their parents and in my cases, it can even affect their ability to socialize.

Of course, this development hurts the parents as well. Many of them feel guilty about leaving their children behind. However, unlike children, it is easier for parents to find solace in the excuse that they are working for the welfare of their children. Children, on the other hand, are too young to understand why both their parents should work leaving them alone at home.

 In conclusion, parents do not get to spend enough time with their children because they are busy working for the better future of their children. While this inability to spend quality time together affects both of them, in my opinion, children are the worst affected by this because during their growing up years, children absolutely need the presence of their parents to feel secure and loved.

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