Many Major Cities Are Facing A Housing Crisis As They Cannot Provide Enough Land For New Buildings | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Many major cities are facing a housing crisis as they cannot provide enough land for new buildings. Some local governments believe the problem could be solved by reassigning park land for residential development, because this land would be better used for housing. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Urbanization has caused serious space constraints in many metropolises / metropolitan cities. To address the growing need for land, governments in certain countries are planning to utilize the area that was previously allotted to parks for residential purposes. I strongly disagree with this practice because this can cause adverse effects on the ecosystem.

These days, it is common for rural people to throng to cities so that they can live near their place of work and enjoy the benefits of city life. Consequently, due to excessive migration, there is a rising demand for residential properties. Local authorities are under huge pressure to tackle this this disparity in demand and supply. Therefore, to handle this crisis governments are planning to use undeveloped park land. Moreover, the authorities are envisaging this as a positive development because this could lead to economic growth.

Although it is the responsibility of the governments to fulfil / meet the needs of people this move / decision will cause detrimental effects on the ecosystem. These parklands play a crucial role in improving the liveability of cities by purifying the air. They provide shelter to birds and animals and are a great place for children and adults to engage in outdoor activities.

Therefore, governments should explore other options that do not harm the flora and fauna like building high-rise buildings or developing the outskirts of cities with well-connected transport facilities.

In conclusion, considering the importance of biodiversity and preserving nature, governments should abandon plans to build homes in park lands and instead explore other solutions like going vertical.

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