Many Governments Have Laws That Ban The Sale And Use Of Hard Drugs Such As Heroin And Cocaine, Yet They Allow People To Buy Tobacco And Alcohol | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Many governments have laws that ban the sale and use of hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine, yet they allow people to buy drugs such as tobacco and alcohol. Laws that prohibit the sale and use of hard drugs should be applied to all drugs, including tobacco and alcohol. What is your opinion?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Although both narcotics, cigarettes, and alcohol are addictive, the law only imposes prohibition against trading of the first agent. This matter stirs controversy as some opponents hold the view that tobacco and alcohol are no exception. However, I beg to differ due to several reasons.

To begin with, opium is much more addictive and dangerous than smoking and consuming alcohol. While one can become dependent on illicit psychoactive substances after a few doses and will be in critical conditions or die if overdose happens, it takes a longer time for the consumers to be hooked to smoking or drinking. In addition, the rehabilitation of patients abusing narcotics is usually prolonged and they are at higher risk of relapse.

Secondly, the operation of mental-altering drug markets is a real concern of criminalising trading alcohol and tobacco. To illustrate, some people smoke or drink in order to relieve stress. As a result, if they are not allowed to access these agents, they may possibly gain supply from black markets, which offer all sorts of drugs. This is even more problematic because some may directly buy heroin for a more satisfying effect or due to the fact that the drug dealers want to sell powerfully addictive substances.

Another reason is that instead of banning tobacco and alcohol, the government may regulate the chemical compounds in these products to reduce their harm such as lowering the percentage of alcohol in beers, wines, and liquor, and nicotine in cigarettes. That said, it is true that chronic smokers and alcoholics are as unhealthy as using hard drugs. I believe that banning the sale of these goods will not be as effective as other methods like health promotion programmes, or consumption tax, and may even lead some consumers to drug traffickers.

In conclusion, some factors such as level of damage and counterproductive effects lead me to the belief that tobacco and alcohol commerce should not be prohibited, but rather be regulated strictly by the authorities.

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