Many Food And Drinks Contain High Levels Of Sugar. Sugary Products Should Be Made More Expensive | Agree Or Disagree IELTS Essay Sample

Many manufactured food and drink products contain high levels of sugar, which causes many health problems. Sugary products should be made more expensive to encourage people to consume less sugar. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays, excessive consumption of sugary products has become a critical problem which obviously leads to serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.  To overcome this issue, some people suggest the cost of foods and drinks which contain high percentage of sugar should be increased significantly to make those less popular among consumers. I totally agree with this opinion since it may eventually mitigate the problem.

Expensive goods are less popular among customers. In fact, most individuals are interested in buying less expensive/affordable foods and beverages. Therefore, most of the multinational companies which produce high sugar drinks such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, 7-up, etc usually make sure that their products are much cheaper than other available drinks. If the governments decide to impose higher tax on the unhealthy food items, the manufacturing companies will have to increase the price of the products. As a result, these sugary products will be less popular among people.

Additionally, by increasing the price of the unhealthy snacks and drinks, the authorities can indirectly influence manufacturers to switch to alternative healthy products. Increased price tags will become a massive/major problem for companies as it results in less profit. Accordingly, the companies may decide to produce items with less amount of sugar. For instance, the Singapore government has recently increased price of sugary products. Hence, the unhealthy foods are being replaced by healthy foods such as fresh fruit juices.

In conclusion, higher sugar consumption has become a critical issue in many nations owing to the increase in health problems among people. One of the main solutions to tackle this problem would be implementing higher tax on these foods. I believe this will encourage people to choose alternative products and companies to produce healthy foods.

Band 7 IELTS essay sample

The increasing consumption of food and beverages rich in sugar has caused many detrimental health issues among many people. In this situation, I partially agree with the argument that people need to be motivated to eat less sugar; however, I believe that raising the price of these products is not the only and the most suitable method.

To commence with, the primary reason why people need to consider reducing the amount of sugar in their daily meals is that it can lead to devastating diseases. Although many processed foods and drinks usually contain a high level of glucose, they are mostly fast, convenient and cheap. Therefore, many people, in order to save time and effort, overuse these types of products, which may eventually lead to many health problems such as obesity, diabetes. For instance, America has a significant high percentage of people who suffer from obesity, and according to some scientists, fast food and sweets are the main culprits.

However, since many people may oppose the move to increase the price of sugary foods, there are some other ways that can be adopted to tackle this problem. One way is that governments can proactively put a limit to the amount of sugar in fast food and canned food so that people can still enjoy these types of foods and drinks without consuming too much sugar. Another method is to use advertising to raise awareness among people about the consequences of eating sugar excessively. As a result, many people can acknowledge themselves, and be more considerate while choosing and using convenience products to avoid items that have high levels of glucose.

In conclusion, even though many people may enjoy having fast food or sweet drinks, it is important that they need to be discouraged from eating too much of these products by any means. Besides raising the price of these types of food and beverages, there are many other ways that the government should take into consideration.

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