Many Countries Want To Host International Sports Events, While Other Countries Think That Hosting Sports Events Has More Problems Than Benefits | Band 8 Discuss Both Sides IELTS Essay Sample

Many countries want to host international sports events, while other countries think that hosting sports events has more problems than benefits. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Many countries are in a race to get the opportunity to host / organize popular global tournaments such as world cup football or commonwealth games. Despite this, some countries do not show interest to host those events as they find it detrimental for them in many ways. However, I believe that organizing such gigantic events can be beneficial for developed countries but not for underdeveloped nations. This essay will discuss both views and lead to a reasonable conclusion.

On the one hand, hosting international sports events is a great opportunity for countries to win global media attention and earn foreign currency. The participation of multiple countries and the huge popularity of these events attract massive media attention. As a result, host countries get global recognition which can be beneficial for strengthening political and economic ties. Moreover, earning more foreign currency from the tourists who come to enjoy such events can be valuable for the country’s economy. For instance, Brazil got an economic boost after hosting the 2014 football world cup.

On the other hand, managing such events can drive up unnecessary expenses because it requires developing temporary establishments and services. Providing accommodation, food, healthcare and other services for the participants and visitors necessitates huge expenditure. For example, most of the stadiums often require expansion, more hotels need to be built and thousands of volunteers and employees need to be hired. Investing in such events is not feasible for poor countries when they can spend that money in other sectors such as infrastructure development, education, and health sector.

To conclude, organizing multinational games can be beneficial only for those countries who can afford the investment that it requires. For a poor country, spending money on such events can have negative economic impact. The governing bodies of major sports such as ICC and FIFA should provide more grant to the hosting nations, especially to underdeveloped countries so that they can arrange such big events and benefit economically.

Many countries want to host international sports events, while other countries think that hosting sports events has more problems than benefits – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

A number of nations want to host major sports tournaments because they think it is beneficial for their country; however, others argue that organising a global sporting event brings more disadvantages than advantages / however, others argue that there are more disadvantages than advantages to organising a major sporting event. Both views will be discussed in this essay before arriving at a conclusion.

On the one hand, organising world sports events enhances the image of the host country and attracts a number of foreign visitors.  Mega sports events like Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup increase the profile of the hosting country with rise in trade and exports of the country. In other words, it creates opportunities for local corporations in a way that benefits the civil society.  The country’s reputation also increases, as a number of people travel to watch the sports matches and visit famous and historical places of the country. For example, Beijing Summer Olympics has increased the number of western tourists in China.

On the other hand, hosting a global sports event requires enormous amounts of money / event involves huge costs. The construction of the stadium, renovation of buildings, procurement of sufficient gaming equipment, safety and security norm could cost much more than expected. Furthermore, many facilities built are not fully utilised post such events. These resources can be effectively used for health and educational services. To illustrate, During the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, there were protests by the local population who felt that resources were misused on the Olympics when their more pressing needs were being ignored.

It is sensible to conclude that the rise in trade and travel are the main benefits of hosting international sporting events. On the other hand, the huge costs involved in organising such events are the biggest disadvantages. It would appear that deep investigation of impacts by host country in organizing could improve the benefits.

Many countries want to host international sports events, while other countries think that hosting sports events has more problems than benefits – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Many countries host international sporting events. In my view, there are both positive and negative aspects to hosting such an event.

The first point is for developing countries hosting an international sporting event may have more benefits. For example, building new infrastructure will create more jobs for local construction companies. The new stadiums, and convention centers, hotels, all the infrastructure will be used by future events or other kinds of businesses. For example, the Beijing 2008 Olympics changed the whole city, as the hosts created new metro lines, new roads and parks, new hotels, and shopping malls. As a result, many poor people received employment and Beijing became a more liveable city. Furthermore, the sporting event will attract tons of tourists and viewers, and the host country’s reputation will enhance.

On the other hand, there are several downsides to hosting an international sports event, leading to some people believing that it is a bad idea. Firstly, hosting such an event will need huge budgets. It is economically demanding. Also the infrastructure development often has negative consequences for the environment. It increases air pollution. Another disadvantage is that the newly built stadiums will often remain unused after the event.

In summary, I believe there are ups and downs to hosting an international sporting event. Nevertheless, there are more benefits than disadvantages. If a country is determined to host such events, they will be able to collect enough resources and take care of other concerns as well.

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