Many Countries Invest Money To Prepare Competitors To Join Top Competitions

Many countries invest money to prepare competitors to join top competitions, like the Olympic or the Olympics or the World Cup. Therefore, it is necessary to offer money to encourage children to exercise more? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Athletes around the world receive financial support from governments in order to participate in global competitions such as the Olympics and the World Cup. I strongly believe that such funding is important for sporting youths as it provides them the motivation and also prepares them with a better environment to start playing the sport.

Firstly, financial incentives can encourage a child to dream big. A recent example is the skateboarding gold Olympian who was just 14. He earned a large amount of cash prizes by winning the competitions. This enabled him to purchase a large home in the US, in which he claims that it was his “Big American Dream”. Additionally, being able to buy the necessary equipment is important to play a sport. For example, if you are playing baseball, you will need a baseball bat, gloves, a helmet, shoes, and uniforms to play in a team. If the parent cannot afford to purchase all these items, then it would definitely prevent the child from playing the sport.

Having said that, it is important to ensure that money does not become the sole purpose of playing sports; otherwise, the child would only participate in games where monetary prizes are being awarded. Therefore, we need to ensure that there are other motives and personal goals involved in these activities such as winning a big world title or even beating your own sibling in that sport.

In conclusion, monetary support can provide a big advantage for youths to play sport and to compete in games while it is also important to ensure that there are other motivation to keep playing the sport. I believe that with such support children would be more eager to exercise and play sports.

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