Many Companies Use Advertising To Increase Sales | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Many companies use advertising to increase sales. What are the main reasons that make advertisement effective? Is it good or bad for the society?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

The advertisement is hailed as one of the most effective tools for promoting sales of a product and thereby helps an organisation to thrive rapidly. Even though advertisements in some cases cause the wastage of money, it has far more benefits for the society. This essay is an attempt to discuss the ways to make an advertisement more real and fascinating and also lists down some merits it provides to the society.

For an advertisement to be effective, it should target the right people. To exemplify, the ads of toys or other related items should be shown on kids channels only. Secondly, famous celebrities have to be chosen as the brand ambassadors for enhancing the sale of quality products. Moreover, before the ads are released on any platform, they must be reviewed to ensure that their content does not violate morality or ethics. This is because ads with offensive or sensitive content are more likely to be banned. Last but not least, the ads have to be trustworthy instead of being incredible.

To continue, the advertisement has several benefits for the society. For example, it makes the people aware of new products on the market. Apart from this, the ads render tens of thousands of employment opportunities for many people. In addition, ads make the people familiar with the things or accessories which make their life more comfortable and easier. For example, the invention of modern machines has made the human life uncomplicated and hassle free.

To sum up, the advertisement not only promotes the sale of products but also benefits the whole society. Moreover, it is anticipated that by utilization of more attractive strategies advertisements would become more acceptable

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