Many Artists Earn Low Salaries And Therefore Should Receive Funding From The Government | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Most artists earn low salaries and should therefore receive funding from the government in order for them to continue with their work. To what extent do you agree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

In this scientific era, most people have lost interest in arts and as a result, artists are struggling to make a living. In my opinion, great things will happen if artists receive financial aid from the government.

For most artists, art is their main job and their primary source of income. In addition to that, most of them are extremely passionate about what they do and spend massive amounts of time and effort to excel in their work. Therefore, when they do not earn enough from it, they are forced to give up their pursuit of art. Hence, it will be beneficial if the government offers them a monthly stipend or pension to take care of their living expenses. This will allow them to stay committed to art. For example, my grandfather was a talented painter with great creativity yet he lived a very difficult life because he did not earn much and hence his wife and children had to live in poverty. Had the government supported him financially , he would have been able to live comfortably and produce more works of art.

Furthermore, art is essential to protect the culture and the tradition of a country. Without art, many cultures will disappear. For instance, the ancient Egyptians protected their culture with a tremendous amount of artistic designs which ornament the pyramids. Arabs, on the other hand, preserved their history through poems which they passed down from one generation to another and gave the world a clear image of their previous lifestyle. Thus, the financial assistance for artists benefits the country and protects its culture / legacy /heritage.

In conclusion, artists need financial assistance to continue producing great works of art. It is hoped that governments all over the world will adopt this strategy to ensure that art and artists flourish.

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4 Responses

  1. Smit Surti says:

    In this contemporary nook and cranny, it is really difficult to stay productive with our talent without having sufficient pay for their artworks which resulted into declination in among artists to survive their life. However, government should make certain approach to influence these craftsmen to stay connected with their art and I personally agree to this statement which will provide aid for this occupation.

    To begin with the prime reason of this scenario that, the artist produce some masterpieces which is really elegant and require backbreaking efforts , energy and adequate time due to this, they do not have any leisure time to earn for themselves because of that they would have to face economic issues. Moreover, their family also have to suffer from the poverty so, it is really healthy initiative to provide some and funds and stipend to support those artists and creator. For instance, the government of Paris provide their artists 500 euros a month so they can consciously create a top class art that is why the artists of that particular province are very prominent among all the countries.

    Furthermore, art is very essential part of our life and they play the key role to stay linked with our culture, tradition and history, although artists are the only one who creates such arts which reflects our ancestors identity. Whereas when people failed to outweigh their talent and seek for some income to survive in their life then there will be a threat for our culture to be disappeared because there will be very less amount of artist who prefer to make arts for where they are not having any income.
    To preserve our cultural diversity and tradition higher authorities of the country should develope some monetary help to their fellow creative dwellers. To thoroughly embibe the aforementioned content here is the apt cite, where in 1860 in Jaipur, India, all the citizens of that city were used to be artist in each house because they were paid and get awarded by British heads for creating any art for them but then in current era all the people of that country known as labors city because britishers had left the country the facilities were stopped.

    Undoubtedly, government is also having other very vital element which are more priorities compare to this which require more economical help but they should avoid this phenomenon as well that artist and creators are also play immense part in the welfare of country.
    In a nutshell, depending on the erstwhile delineation it is cut and dried that higher authorities should inact such monetary help to these productive and intelligent individuals who are doing crucial work to protect our tradition, culture and history.

  2. Cauveri says:

    Hi Maam – request you to please provide a band so I can make efforts accordingly

    Field of arts plays a pivotal role in driving a nation’s economy; however, artists receive low salary and other monetary benefits and I strongly believe that for the survival of arts industry, government should fund these artists so they can thrive in the rapidly evolving world.

    On the one hand, some people point to the negative consequences of low salary of artists and consequently the need of government backed policies and intervention. Firstly, at an individual level, low salary impacts their morale which in turn impacts the quality of their work. Receiving monetary support from the government will allow artists to focus on their work rather than merely earning for their survival. Secondly, at a national level, art and architecture of a country provide increased opportunities for tourism thus directly contributing to the economy of a nation. There is ample evidence to bolster the unequivocal argument that tourism industry generates high revenue every year, thus, it is crucial for the growth of any country. Finally, it is a field that binds the culture and through art we can visualize the fragments of history, in the form of artifacts, which otherwise, we could only understand through means of text.

    On the other hand, admittedly, there are various other fields that have a dearth of jobs and plenty of potential candidates for these jobs and therefore it is imperative for the government to support everyone irrespective of the field. However, it is important to understand the growing challenges faced by this field. For instance, other fields, like science and technology and economics, educators would agree, there is significant support laid out by the private organizations and are therefore a multi-billionaire sector as compared to arts, which dates back to old times, but with few imminent supporters, thus, it seems that this field requires government support.

    To conclude, though government policies should support everyone irrespective of their field of study, I strongly believe that artists require utmost monetary support for the survival of the individual, the industry, the culture as well as the nation.

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