Local People Do Not Visit Museums And Historical Places | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists but not local people. Why is this the case? What can be done to attract local people to visit these places?

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Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

It is seen that museums and historical places are visited by tourists and local people avoid visiting them. This essay will discuss the reasons for this and suggest a viable solution to encourage native people to visit museums and monuments.

To embark on, there are some reasons why local citizens do not visit museums. First and foremost, people find it boring to visit such places. It takes a considerable amount of time to explore these heritage sites and people hardly find anything new. Museums house artefacts and artworks which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So people feel that it is a waste of time to visit monuments and art galleries. Secondly, many of the museums and historical sites charge an entry fee. If a person visited it once, they would avoid visiting it again because nobody wants to pay again and again to watch the same artworks. For instance, there is a museum in my city named “The Chocolate Room”. It charges a hefty 1000 rupees as entry fee and last month my cousin requested me to visit the museum but I refused due to the fact that I had already visited the museum and I did not want to pay the entry fee again.

There are some possible solutions which can attract local people to visit museums and historical buildings. These places depict the history and the culture of our forefathers. So schools can impart knowledge about historical places amongst the students so that they gain interest in and respect for such places. Additionally, traditional museums can be blended with modern museums to give a new experience to the visitors. For example, Madame Tussauds museum houses ancient paintings along with modern wax made statues of well-recognized celebrities. After this fusion, there is a massive rise in the number of local and foreign visitors to the museum. Lastly, scraping the entry fee can also attract native people to revisit the museums and historical buildings.

To recapitulate, it is clear that local people avoid visiting museums and historical building because they are out-dated and charge an entry fee. To rekindle locals’ interest, schools can teach students about the importance of such places; authorities must strive to update museums frequently and entry fee can be exempted.

Band 7 Essay sample

This is another essay on this topic.

Museums and historical places are considered as the knowledge centers of a city. They depict the history, the culture and the tradition of that area. It can be seen that the local people do not prefer to go to these sites; only the tourists visit them. This essay will discuss why locals do not visit museums and historical buildings and also suggest some ways to attract them.

To begin with, there are several reasons why local members do not visit the local places of history and museums. First and foremost individuals are busy with their domestic chores and they are happy with their sedentary lifestyles. For example, it should be noted that Delhi boasts of a number of museums and historical monuments; the local people do not visit them because the majority of the population in Delhi is working. They have long working hours and after coming back from work they are left with very less energy. Tourists, on the other hand, are in a city to explore all places of interest, so they will definitely visit museums.

There are myriad ways to attract native people to museums and historical sites. For example, schools can give their students assignments related to the history, culture and tradition of their native place. This will encourage most parents to take their children to museums to collect useful information. In addition, local administration can conduct various exhibitions at these places to attract local people. For example, the exhibitions on local handmade products can attract locals.

To conclude, local people do not visit local museums and historical sites due to the fact that they are busy with their life. We can use various ways to get them interested. For example, conducting exhibitions and giving arts and history based assignments in schools will help.

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