Living In Large Cities Today Poses Many Problems For People

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More and more people are moving to big cities. Unfortunately this leads to a population explosion in urban areas and the quality of life suffers. In order to tackle this problem, governments should help people to relocate to rural areas or small towns.  

In fact, overcrowding of cities can surely impinge on residents. Firstly, air pollution has become a major concern for many people. This is because the use of public transport or private vehicles is drastically increasing, contributing to the growth of fume emissions. For instance, Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan is one of the most polluted cities in the world owing to its high density of automobiles and the resultant emission of toxic fumes. Air pollution leads to various respiratory illnesses and seriously affects health and longevity. Children and elderly are the worst affected by this problem.

In addition, people living in big cities can possibly suffer from mental health issues or feel overwhelmed due to the unpleasant vibes. Some studies show that people living in big cities are likely to have depression or anger issues as the pace of life here is fast, compared to small cities, and these places are usually crowded.

However, governments can deal with these problems by encouraging people to dwell in small towns by creating more job opportunities there. In addition, the government should improve the infrastructure of the countryside. If people move to smaller towns, the traffic in cities will reduce and air quality will improve. For example, the Taiwanese government is hoping to decrease fumes by introducing a new policy that provide financial incentives to people who are willing to live in small towns. Additionally, if governments can emphasise positive lifestyles in small towns, people’s mental health can be certainly improved. It is known that the pace of life is relatively slow in small town where dwellers are under less pressure.

In conclusion, it is certainly true that people living in big cities face some problems, but they can be solved if governments encourage people to live in smaller cities.  

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