Living In A Country Where You Have To Speak A Foreign Language Can Cause Serious Social And Practical Problems | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Living in a country where you have to speak in a foreign language can cause serious social problems as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Do you have difficulty writing a to what extent do you agree or disagree essay? Watch our Youtube video to learn about the correct structure of this type of IELTS essays.

Here is a band 8 IELTS essay on this topic submitted by one of our students. Need help with IELTS writing? Get your writing samples corrected by me.

Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Many people migrate to foreign countries in search of better work and living environments. Living in such countries where you have to use an entirely unknown language leads to difficulty in social and practical scenarios. This essay will argue that although there are many issues arising from the language barriers, these are not so serious that they cannot be resolved.

In my opinion, although language barriers may create many issues, these are not so serious that they cannot be resolved. The practice of shifting base to a new country is common amongst all classes of people. It is obvious that they will encounter problems when it comes to conversing with the local people and may also face similar issues at work. As they do not know how to speak the local dialect, their ability to socialise and perform various day to day activities will be hampered.

For example, shopping in the vegetable market may seem a huge task. Thus living in such countries where one ought to speak the country’s native language is certainly is certainly going to be challenging at least in the first few months. There are multiple factors that one must consider prior to moving to a new land. The factors will help to cope up with the language barrier. Prior to moving to a foreign land, one must prepare oneself for what lies ahead.

For example, before migrating to Germany where the majority speaks German, one must get acquainted with the basics of the language. In this age of the internet and online forums, learning a new language is easier than ever before. Taking help of one’s own compatriots living abroad is another way to overcome this problem.

In conclusion, I absolutely concur with the notion that living in another country where conversing in the local language is a must is troublesome, but this trouble is often short lived and brief and can be taken care of by making prior preparations and seeking help from the natives. Do you have an essay on this topic? Submit it below in the comments for a free band score estimate.

Do you have an essay on this topic? Submit it below in the comments for a free band score estimate.

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  1. Omar Salehin says:

    It is thought that, in abroad life is full of difficulties, socially and practically, because of overseas language. I somewhat agree with that but not quite. because I think it depends on the person’s ability.

    on the one hand those people who a unable to understand a foreign tangue, at that time the person has a desire to shift that place, he obviously can get some issue, which might be hard to deal with. The reason of that, men are social creature, without communicating each other, it is quite difficult to lead life. Therefore, they might face problems to connect with their neighbours or with the seller if they want to get something. Moreover, it would be a serious matter in social existence or in the practical way.

    On the other hand, there have some people, who are concious to learn foreign lingo, before their migrate. They have less respect to get probable indeed, cause they are already familiar with the speech. For instance, many students go for study abroad, for this they take several courses or test for the language, and then when they go to the other country, it becomes easy to talk to the native. So it can be said that it is not always make problems to speak other language, but preparation required.

    In confusion, if anyone need to change or go for work to overseas, it is good to study on their speech so that he can overcome the existing problems. Otherwise the mentioned matters can be happened.

    (Could you chack it? If possible, please say that, how much point can I gat)

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      This seems band 6 to me. Would you like a detailed analysis of this essay? You can find the details here.

      • It is argued that many living in abroad where people speak different language can be many disadvantages such as socializing problem as well as daily life problem. I agree with this notion that living in different cultural country have many drawbacks such as Cultural problem and also Communicational Problem.

        Firstly, nowadays vast amount of people migrates to one country from another country for many purposes such as work or study, therefore most of the people have to face many problems such communication problem. To illustrate that, when someone need a help such as you want to know about an address therefore you have to speak the same language which the local people are used to then they can give you a clear idea. Otherwise, they will reluctant to help you. For instance, most of people in Japan speak Japanese as consequence if someone who want to visit or migrate, they have to speak the same language if you want to get full advantage from local. Thus, without any knowledge about local language or slang you have to face a great problem.

        Furthermore, Cultural barrier is one of the most important issue which can separate you from others. To be more clarify, when we want to know about a nation it is one of the most important above all that you have to know about their cultural thus you can find them more clearly. For instance, The Indian cultural is famous for its hospitality and their variety of foods. So, when you have a clear idea about local cultural you can easily mix with local.

        To conclude, if someone who want to move in a different country, he or she have to know about the local commuting style as well as Cultural. So, then there will be no problem fit you with the environment.

  2. Abhishek Goyal says:

    Some people think that living in a foreign language country can create some major problem related to socializing with people and doing some practical work. I completely agree with this statement however, there are some steps can be taken to solve the same and here the problem and the solution will be discussed.

    To begin with, it is commonly seen between people that when they live in a country where the language is not their first language, they find some difficulties doing some day to day and important activities such as buying grocery, reaching to their destination, and ordering some important items form local market. Along with that, they also lack communicating with native peoples because they do not know their language and end up doubting themself for example one of my friends went to Japan for studying their, but he did not know the Japanese language so, in his initial months of reaching there he was so under confident and did not know how to order something and buy food and end up being depressed.

    On the other hand, despite of such problem there are some steps we can follow to come out from this trap. Firstly, A person who did not know the language then he/she can start learning by using some mobile applications or personal tutor. Secondly, communicating with the local people can also help them to sharpen their command on the language. Finally, reading books and watching movies with subtitles and translation can play a big part to improve their basics on the foreign language.

    To conclude, having a little or no knowledge on foreign language can create some major issues in people day to day living, in contrast it can be solved following some common practices.

  3. Mehdi says:

    Nowadays, many individuals decide to migrate in order to live in a better condition. Migrating to a country where you can not speak its language will lead to sever social problems and practical problems equally. I completely agree with this view.

    To begin with, many individuals want to live in a place where they can find proper jobs and have a high income. Therefore, some people decide to migrate another country. There are some individuals among this people who can not speak the host country’s language. They may face a large number of difficult problem. For starters, the major problem, in my view, is they can not even fulfill their primary needs, such as buying food, finding stores and so on. For instance, my brother migrated to Italy last year. He was not able to speak Italian language at first. He even could not be able to find his way to home without difficulty.

    There are some other problems for migrant who are not able to speak the host country’s language. Firstly, they can not communicate with local people. this may leads to serious social problems. For example, they can not find friends. Therefore, they will become deppresed as they do not have any person to communicate with. What’s more, they can not find a proper job, as they can not express their abilitie and ideas. Finally, they will be forced to back their countries or to learn the host country’s language.

    In conclusion, I believe living in a country where you can not speak its language very well can cause a large number of problems in terms of communicating with locals and finding proper jobs.

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