Linking Words And Phrases

Key phrases

With reference to
Talking/speaking of/about
As regards
As far as … is concerned
As for

By announcing the subject in advance, these expressions focus attention on what is going to be said.

With reference to

With reference to is a very formal expression. It is used mainly at the beginning of business letters.

With reference to your letter of 18 June, I am pleased to inform you that …

Speaking/talking about/of

These expressions are used to make a link with what has just been said. It can help a speaker to change the subject.

‘I saw John and Mary today. You know she is -’ ‘Talking of John, did you know he is going to get married?’

As regards and as far as … is concerned

As regards and as far as … is concerned usually announce a change of subject by the speaker or writer.

There are no problems about production. As far as marketing is concerned, I think the best thing is to …

It is incorrect to leave out ‘is concerned’ after ‘as far as …’

As for

As for often suggests lack of interest or dislike.

I have invited Peter and John. As for, Mark, I don’t care if I never see him again in my life.

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