Learning English Is Often Seen As More Important Than Learning Local Languages | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Learning English is often seen as more important than learning local languages. If these are not taught, many of them are at risk of dying out. In your opinion, is it important for everyone to learn English? Should we try to ensure the survival of local language and if so, how?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Language proficiency is considered as one of the key factors in the academic growth of children. In the school curriculum, English is considered as the most important language. It is feared that due to the growing popularity of English many regional languages face the risk of extinction. I do admit that this is a possibility.

English seems to be indispensable in today’s world. It helps a great deal in getting admission in desirable foreign universities and coveted job opportunities. English dialect is the most preferred for doing business globally. Most of the countries that have high-quality infrastructure and standardized living conditions are the English-speaking ones.

Nevertheless, I believe that local languages should also be given importance as it is vital to preserve regional ethnicity, traditions, and knowledge. Elimination of indigenous languages endangers native arts, literature, history, and some music compositions. For example, the famous poems or songs compiled in a provincial vernacular cannot be translated into English without compromising on its originality and essence. Furthermore, a child who lacks proficiency in the local language / who does not speak the local language may miss out on certain positive teachings of his community.

Moreover, I feel that studying English along with one or two local languages may be more beneficial. Scientific studies have proven that bilingual people have much better cognitive skills than monolingual people. It enhances their grasping power and decision-making skills. My suggestion is to ensure that the local language is made a mandatory subject in the school curriculum all over the world. Of course, English should be taught and there is no harm in giving it slightly more importance, but the local language must not be neglected. Parents can also play an important role in the conservation of native languages by using it to converse with their children.

In conclusion, I feel that prime importance should definitely be given to the English language. However, there must also be a provision to include the local language of a particular region in the curriculum. This approach will save native languages, strengthen children’s language skills and also help in preserving age old teachings.

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2 Responses

  1. Sarbjeet Singh says:

    Nowadays, masses devote most of their attention to learning English than the local language. It is a general belief that the trend could lead to the extinction of several regional languages. In my opinion, while learning English is the need of today, mother language ensures the survival of a region’s culture for the upcoming generations, thus, it is crucial to save regional languages.

    English is a well known and most used language in the world. Therefore, most of the stuff like research papers, journals, books, biographies are written in English. Hence, The people who want to explore the world in depth and gain immense knowledge about it must have good English language skills. Moreover, most of the latest gadget’s user graphical interface(UGI) like a computer, mobile phones are written in English language that makes the learning of this language very important. Consequently, it is evident that learning English language is the need of this modern era.

    A regional language symbolises a region’s culture and present identity of its people to the outer world and extinction of a language will widen the language gap between juniors and elders. This will make society unequal, thus, it is essential to emphasis on mother language survival. To ensure the existence of local language, the state education department must add local language subject in the schools curriculum and run several campaigns to make people aware about the importance of the mother language. In addition to this, parents should encourage their juniors to use native language in casual conversations.

    In conclusion, I believe that the knowledge of English language is a necessity of every citizen of the world, but local languages should not be neglected because these are the identities of our culture.

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