Learning A New Language At An Early Age is Helpful For Children

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According to some people, learning a new language at a young age is beneficial for children because it enables them to enhance their communication skills and career prospects. I fully agree with this view. In my opinion, children should be encouraged to learn foreign languages at primary school itself because at this age they can learn faster and acquire proficiency with little effort.

Bilingualism and multilingualism are coveted skills that people can acquire in this globalized world and children have a greater ability to learn new languages than adults. For example, a 3 year old can learn multiple languages by simply interacting with people who speak those languages. By contrast, an adult in a similar situation has to put in considerable effort to gain even working knowledge of foreign languages. This is because children are better equipped to learn new languages and to take advantage of this natural ability they should be taught a second or third language at an early age.

Foreign language skills will only benefit the child and has no adverse impacts on them. A child who is a polyglot can survive in any foreign country. Needless to say, when he grows up he can easily get prestigious jobs in the multinational companies as he is able to interact with his colleagues using multiple languages.

In conclusion, foreign language skills are crucial in this age of globalisation and young children should be motivated to become bilingual or multilingual at an early age because they have better language learning skills than adults.

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