Last Tuesday you flew from New York to Paris but forgot your bag on the plane | Band 7.5 IELTS letter sample

Last Tuesday you flew from New York to Paris. When you arrived home, you discovered that you had left your cabin bag on the plane. Write a letter to the airline. In your letter, you should explain:

  • Where and when you lost your bag
  • What your bag looks like
  • What its contents were

Band 7.5 IELTS letter sample

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I forgot my cabin bag on your airlines – NY276 on which I flew from New York to Paris last Tuesday. My seat number was 21F and my PNR number was NYCAIR34567218. I had placed my bag in the opposite cabin as the one above my seat was already full and I realised that I had forgotten it only after reaching my home. I forgot it as I was in a hurry to board my next flight.

My bag is a GUCCI camel brown leather shoulder bag with the tagline I love New York. I also have my name etched on it. The bag contains my books for the next semester along with a few of my credit cards and I am petrified as those cards do not ask for pin numbers for transactions. I also have my blue color 64 GB iPod in the front partition of the bag.

I request you to search the cabin for my bag. If it is there I could come and collect it directly from you this week itself. Please do inform me if it is not found as I need to lodge a complaint to block my cards at the earliest.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,


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