Large Shopping Malls Are Replacing Small Shops | PTE Essay Sample

Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What is your opinion about this? Discuss with appropriate examples.

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PTE essay sample

Nowadays, huge shopping centers are opened everywhere. Hence, small stores are shutting down. In my opinion this is a negative development which creates serious / major problems for consumers as well as sellers. In this essay, I will defend my view with valid arguments.

The most obvious negative impact is on poor customers who cannot afford to shop in fancy malls. It is a matter of fact that items sold in malls are more expensive than those sold in small shops. Hence, most of the time only rich people buy things from malls. As a consequence, the poor may not be able to buy their items at an affordable price. For example, after malls became common, poor people in Sri Lanka are struggling to buy groceries and other essentials at reasonable prices.

Not only customers but small shop owners also have to suffer because they lose their livelihood / means of living. In the past, plenty of small shops were available and they had an attractive income. However, with the popularity of the malls, many individuals tend to go to malls since they can buy whatever they want from one place. For instance, research conducted the Oxford University demonstrated that unemployment crisis had risen / worsened in many nations with the introduction of colossal shopping centers.

In conclusion, even though some people prefer shopping complexes as it is extremely convenient for them, I believe it may negatively affect both customers and sellers.

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