Lack Of Fresh Water Is Becoming A Global Issue Of Increasing Importance | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Lack of fresh water is becoming a global issue of increasing importance. What problem does this shortage cause? What measures could be taken to overcome these problems?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Many areas around the world do not have access to safe drinking water due to over-exploitation of available water resources, industrialization, deforestation, and pollution. This issue will continue to get worse if the government and regulatory bodies do not act immediately and take the necessary steps to introduce strict environment protection policies.

Several reasons have led to the depletion of safe water resources. Erratic rains and the contamination of existing water bodies are the main causes of water scarcity. Many parts of the world depend entirely on rainfall. If the rains fail, these areas will face intense water shortage. Pollution is another issue. To cite an example, a recent article published in the Hindu newspaper highlighted that 60% of Industries in India do not have a proper waste management system and all of the industrial waste is dumped in the nearby rivers and lakes. The second major cause is deforestation. The increasing population and expansion of cities have resulted in the cutting down of trees for building houses and other infrastructure facilities. This disrupts the natural environment, affects the ability to soil to hold water and impacts rainfall. Urbanisation has also led to the destruction of many small rivers and streams.

The introduction of stringent policies is essential to address this growing concern. The governments and environmentalists must take effective measures to prevent water contamination caused by industries. Another solution is to plant more trees and shrubs as they reduce runoff and allow water to seep into the earth.  Rainwater harvesting is yet another solution. Whatever little water is falling, if it is saved, it will improve the situation. It is equally important to save water bodies. For example, the government should encourage the digging of more wells and ponds. Even in villages, people have now stopped digging wells because the government is supplying pipe water to their homes. Such tendencies should not be encouraged. Water is there. It is just that we fail to conserve it.

To sum up, water shortage is caused by failing monsoons and contamination of water bodies by industries. Water conservation is by far the best solution. Planting trees will help too because they enable water to seep into the soil and thus elevate the water table.

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