Joining two sentences with an adjective

You can use several different techniques to combine two simple sentences into one. The most important methods of sentence synthesis are explained in the following lessons.

By using adjectives

Two simple sentences can be made into one by using adjectives from one of them. Study the following examples.

The boy worked hard. He was ambitious.

The ambitious boy worked hard.

A tiger charged the hunter. It was extremely savage.

An extremely savage tiger charged the hunter.

The girls danced well. They were very pretty.

The pretty girls danced well.

The boy answered all questions. He was intelligent.

The intelligent boy answered all questions.


Join each pair of sentences given below, using adjectives in this way.

1. The boy had nothing to wear. He was poor.

2. The dogs came closer and closer. They were wild.

3. The girl was kind. She was popular among her friends.


1. The poor boy had nothing to wear.

2. The wild dogs came closer and closer.

3. The kind girl was popular among her friends.

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