It Was Predicted That People In The 21st Century Would Have More Free Time | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

It was predicted that people in the 21st century would have more free time than in the past to what extent has this prediction come true?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Many had predicted that with the assistance of automated machines, people would enjoy more leisure time in the 21st century. Paradoxically, the fast paced life in the 21st century is bearing testimony that this predication did not come true.

In my opinion, it was assumed by our ancestors that machines would reduce the workload of people but unfortunately this prediction turned out to be erroneous. Advanced technology such as computers have certainly made people more efficient but they have also made people want to accomplish more in less time.

As these machines are tireless they put an enormous pressure on human beings to compete with them. In this fierce competition, no time is left to relax and unwind. For instance, earlier people used to work fixed hours; nowadays people even work from home through the internet exhausting their valuable time.

Another potential reason is that modern people have more desires to acquire luxuries and comforts in their life. For this, they run a superficial race and work round-the-clock leaving no time for themselves. Recently, a magazine published an article about the long working hours of people in the USA. It showed how people had become slaves of their work.

In conclusion, I firmly reiterate that people who forecasted about long relaxation time in the current times were short sighted and could not foresee the real impact of technological innovations. Instead of enjoying their free time people are now more engrossed in their work to satisfy their insatiable needs.

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