It seems clear that obesity in today’s society is to some extent due to the availability of fast food | Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It seems clear that obesity in today’s society is to some extent due to the availability of fast food. Should governments place a tax on fast food to reduce the amount of fast food consumed?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

The easy accessibility of junk food these days is the root cause of the problems like obesity. Some people demand that the government should impose extra tax on fast food to reduce its consumption. In my opinion, taxing is not the only option and there are several other measures which should also be considered.

Nowadays, fast foods are available at every corner of the street and that too at an affordable price. As a result, a number of children and adults consume these easily available products on a large scale. Therefore, the government should impose heavy tax on all junk food items and also enact laws that limit the number of fast food joints in a particular neighbourhood.

This step will make fast food more expensive than healthy food and it will also limit its availability. Furthermore, the government should come up with new campaigns that create awareness about the ingredients of various junk food items so that people can understand what they are consuming and what the health consequences will be.

Public awareness is an essential step to minimising consumption of unhealthy food items as people should understand the calorie value and harmful effects of the items they consume. In order to create awareness, the government should ask all junk food producers to mention the nutritional values and calories on the packets of their products. Thus, it will help buyers to understand the harmful effects of fast food. For instance, a diabetic patient will refrain from buying products with higher sugar content if the amount of added sugar is mentioned / printed on the label.

In conclusion, obesity is a major health problem that affects our generation and it must be addressed as early as possible. However, increasing tax on fast food alone will not help. The government has to take some other measures too.

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