It Is Thought By Some That It Is Better To Live In A City While Others Believe That Life Is Better In The Countryside | Discuss Both Sides IELTS Essay Sample

It is thought by some that it’s better to live in a city while others believe that life is better in the countryside. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

While some people argue that rural areas are more comfortable for families to live in, others say that cities provide better living standards. Both views will be discussed in this essay along with my opinion.  

On the one hand, living in the countryside has a lot of benefits such as fresh air, uncontaminated food / food free of pesticides food, and fewer health issues. In other words, people living in these areas are dependent upon agriculture rather than industries due to which there is less pollution. Moreover, there are fewer incidences of cancer, obesity and diabetes. This is because they eat fresh vegetables which come directly from their farms and they practice more of the physical work. To illustrate, a report published by the Times of America shows that people living in rural areas are considerably healthier than those who live in urban areas. As a result / consequently, they are happier to live in countryside.

On the other hand, cities provide better job opportunities and other amenities. Most industries and reputed educational institutions are located in urban areas. Hence, urban residents have easy access to them. By contrast, people living in rural areas often have to migrate to cities for higher education or better job. City dwellers also enjoy better health and transport facilities and entertainment options. Consequently, life in the city is almost never dull or slow. Pollution and traffic congestion, however, are major problems in almost all big cities and can seriously affect the quality of living.

In conclusion, cities better employment opportunities and other facilities but pollution is a massive issue in most metropolises. Rural areas have cleaner air and healthier surroundings but they lack job opportunities. In my opinion, life in the countryside could be helpful after the retirement but for the young generation, to meet their career needs, urban areas are more beneficial. 

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