It Is Sometimes Said That People Who Do Physically Hard Jobs Should Be Paid As Much As Those With Higher Qualifications | Band 6.5 IELTS Essay Sample

It is sometimes said that people who do physically hard jobs should be paid as much as those with higher qualifications. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 6.5 IELTS essay sample

Various wages ranges are considered for different job categories, which are often based on the required qualifications. The question of whether manual workers should receive the same salary as higher-skilled professionals has always been debated. I believe that high qualified jobs require more efforts and investments, thus should offer higher salaries.

To begin with, the amount of time which has been spent to be a qualified professional is humongous. For example, in some countries, doctors spend about ten years on becoming a general practitioner and additional six to seven years on becoming a specialist. Moreover, science is constantly progressing, and new medical methods are being introduced to the world. Thus doctors must study continuously to keep themselves up to date. Furthermore, high skilled workers invested a significant amount of money for their academic and complementary educations prior to become  certified. To illustrate, engineering courses are often cost between six to ten thousand dollars and additional six to hundred dollars for the exams. The gained income is often used to repay these investments.

Although individuals often opt their professions based on their interests, earning is also one of the major factors. If the high-skilled professionals were paid the same range of manual workers, their incentive to apply for these occupations would have significantly decreased. The consequences of applying this non-prudent idea are dramatic as the society would suffer from a lack of surgeons, engineers, and lawyers. Therefore, it is crucial to have proportionate remuneration based on the required qualifications to encourage people to go through the academical requirements.

In conclusion, despite the difficulties which physical workers have, I believe that skilled jobs require way more energy and effort; therefore, their wages must be significantly higher than other professions to payoff the steps which have been taken to achieve this position.

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