It Is Sometimes Said That People Should Be Encouraged To Get Married Before They Turn 30 | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

It is sometimes said that people should be encouraged to get married before they turn 30, as this is best both for the individual and for the society. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see people entering wedlock in their thirties or forties. However, some people think that they should get married before they turn 30 because it is beneficial for themselves and the society. I totally disagree with that due to three reasons.

Firstly, young couples who rush to get married tend to have a high probability of getting a divorce. Broken families prevent children from growing up in a healthy environment. As a result, this can create social problems when children do not receive enough support from family, and they may even get involved in criminal offences outside. The taxpayers, thus, will have to waste their money dealing with these social issues instead of spending it on economic development.

Secondly, I believe that getting married at a young age can lead to serious financial problems.  Many youngsters who are in their twenties are usually people who recently graduated from the university. These people who just entered the workforce may not have enough savings, and therefore, they will struggle to financially support the family, especially if they are expecting a new born.

Finally, while it is true that women are encouraged to give birth in their twenties to prevent potential health complications to the mother and the child, I think that the current medical advancement is capable of helping older women to deliver babies safely. Hence, tying the knot early just to get pregnant early is no longer valid.

In conclusion, not only does settling down early affect the society, but it also has negative impact on the individual. Thus, I am strongly against youngsters getting married in their twenties.

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  1. Sheeram says:

    The continued rise in the world’s population is the greatest problem faced by humanity at the present time.
    What are the causes of this continued rise?
    Do you agree that it is the greatest problem faced by humanity?

    Maintaining the human population is a social duty. Since the industrial revolution, the curve for human growth is spiking. However, in the twenty-first century, I believe that it is more of a curse than a blessing. This essay will discuss two major factors contributing to this trend, namely, a better healthcare system and lifestyle.

    People are living longer than ever before. The main reason for this is an improved medical care that provides better medications and treatments that help to fight potent pathogens. For instance, in the past, diseases like malaria was were causing mass deaths, but today, we have vaccination as a remedy which is a breakthrough in the medical field. Statistics indicate that around 7.5 million of lives are saved annually in developing countries thanks to vaccination. Furthermore, a better lifestyle opens the door for more children. Parents who have secured jobs, attractive salaries and big houses are better-off to have bigger families. For example, Elo Musk, who is currently the world’s richest person, is a father of six. Like these, we have more elements adding to the world population.

    In my opinion, a rising world population is scary as it is on its way to completely deplete Earth’s resources. With a robust economy, people are having more offsprings, consuming more, producing in bulk, and hence, exploiting raw materials than ever before. A study carried out by Brotherstone and Wheatley, in 2019, suggests that there are just enough resources to keep us going till 2050. Is not the news disturbing?

    In conclusion, better healthcare and lifestyle are the two main causes for an ongoing increased in human population, and this essay agrees that overpopulation is one of the biggest threats facing humanity.

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