It Is Said That Those Who Do Physically Hard Job Should Be Paid As Much As Those With High-Level Qualifications | Agree Or Disagree IELTS Essay Sample

It is said that those who do physically hard job should be paid as much as those with high-level qualifications. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The question of whether manual workers should earn the same salary as those who have higher qualifications has long been debated. I believe that if everyone can earn the same salary, it might create a sense of equality among people; unfortunately, it will be disastrous for the economic and social development of a country.

While I do admit that every worker contributes to the society, they cannot earn the same salary. If a porter can earn as much as a doctor, people will not spend 8 or 10 years in a medical school. If the salary is the same for everyone, they will have no incentive to work so hard. A person does not need even elementary education to be a porter or a carpenter. Hence, by offering everyone the same salary, the government will be destroying people’s desire to acquire higher levels of qualification. So, I believe that salary should be proportionate to the skills required to perform a certain job.

Certain jobs require a lot of intelligence and academic brilliance to perform. For example, one needs a lot of learning and practice to be a doctor, an engineer or an advocate. Consequently, these jobs should be paid more. Otherwise, no one will opt to go to university. If people do not learn and acquire higher levels of academic qualifications, a society cannot progress. Hence, while the thought process behind the argument that people performing manual jobs should be paid the same amount of money as those with higher level qualifications is noble, it is not a prudent idea.

In conclusion, people with higher qualifications should be paid more; otherwise, no one will want to spend years at university and that will be detrimental to the progress of a society. The remuneration that a person receives should be proportionate to the level of skills required to perform a job.

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