It Is Predicted That Robots Are Going To Become Increasingly Important In Our Lives | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

It is predicted that robots are going to become increasingly important in our lives. How could robots be used in the future? Will this development be a positive or negative development?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

There is a general belief that robots will become an integral part of our lives in the real future. They can be deployed in a variety of environments. In my opinion, they will be largely beneficial to humanity.

Today, technology advancement is a fast and rapid phenomenon. Automation can be found already in many areas such as banking and security. With the new upcoming developments, its functional areas will widen up. Robots can be used in low skill jobs such as house-keeping, mechanics and also in areas / jobs which risk human life like, army, space exploration and rescue operations. These kinds of tasks do not require human much intervention and can be done by computer programming. For instance, it is predicted that by 2030, the world’s major superpower will be replacing humans by robots in the army. So, with the ongoing growth in artificial intelligence, there will be many new avenues for the deployment of robots.

The increase in the growth of robot usage has a positive impact. This will not only reduce the human errors but it will also save lives involved in life threatening jobs. Firstly, machines are commanded and monitored by computer programming which considerably reduces the chances of making mistakes. For instance, breaching a coded system is tougher than breaking a human protected system. Secondly, fields such as space exploration and rescue operations put human life in a risky situation and this can be avoided / reduced with the involvement of robots. For example, in a fire breakout robots can handle the evacuation process, saving human lives. Hence, work done by robots in many areas is a good move.

In conclusion, this essay outlined the different areas in which robots can successfully operate and it also regarded this trend as a favourable development.

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