It Is Often Considered That The Change Is More Beneficial To People Than Trying To Avoid It | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

It is often considered that the change is more beneficial to people than trying to avoid it and have everything remain the same. Do you think the advantages of change outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is believed that transformation brings great value to one’s life, but people resist change and prefer things to remain the same. Although change can cause uneasiness to people, I believe the benefit of personal growth brought about by change far outweighs any drawback.

Change does not come easy to people, mainly because their mind is habituated to a particular state. What I mean by this is that people grow up with specific experiences and exposures. As a result, they build certain habits and beliefs. This makes it difficult for an individual to accept change as it creates discomfort or unwanted stress. For example, it is very difficult for an older person to incorporate any change in their lifestyle, they become anxious and angry with even minor changes. However, I feel that a better support structure can help overcome this drawback and enable a person to embrace the benefits of change as well.

The advantage of change is that it brings growth to life. It can be personal growth or professional growth. It makes people happy when they see they are improving on certain aspects of life. People go beyond their discomfort to see new boundaries, which helps them to see life differently. To illustrate, recently I took up a job role which I had never done before. I was hesitant in the initial stage, but eventually after accepting the change in the role it brought me tremendous development at personal and professional level. Hence, a direct correlation can be made between change and growth/happiness.

In conclusion, people resist change because of fear or uneasiness they experience, but the benefits of embracing change outweigh its risks when we see how it adds to our happiness and fulfilment.

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