It Is Not Necessary To Travel To Other Places To Learn About The Cultures Of Other People | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

It is not necessary to travel to other places to learn about the cultures of other people. We can learn just as much as from books, films, and the internet. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Learning about the culture of other people enrich the knowledge about their custom, traditions, and history. While I accept that books, films, and the internet are prominent sources to learn about various cultures, I do not agree with the argument that traveling is not essential to explore them.

Armchair tourism has indeed become popular nowadays. People can quickly gather in-depth information about both existing and extinct cultures by reading books, watching TV, and surfing on the internet. This mode is, in fact, the most economical way because no money is spent on learning about another country or its culture. Also, there is no fatigue or tiredness resulting from traveling, making it even more comfortable and enjoyable.

However, I believe that traveling is essential to explore any culture practically. Physical presence in a foreign land and face-to-face interaction with people tend to make the learning process more delightful. People can be familiar with the food, weather, history of any specific place, but traveling to the place provides the real image to their imaginations. They can relish the sumptuous and scrumptious food, feel the pleasant weather, and witness the historical transformation of the place.  Also, there are various other characteristics of culture like a language, music, ritual, and festivals that can be explored only after traveling there. For instance, Punjabi culture is exceptionally famous among non-resident Punjabis living abroad. Each year, many of them visit Punjab with their kids, not only to make them aware of their culture, tradition, and heritage but also to let them stay connected to their roots.

In conclusion, although books, films, and the internet can be useful to learn about other people’s cultures, I believe that traveling is cardinal to gain more sight of any culture.

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