It Is More Convenient To Watch A Movie On Television | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

It is much more convenient to watch a movie on television or computer than buy a ticket and go to the cinema. In the nearest future the popularity of cinemas will drastically decline. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

It is argued that the popularity of cinemas will reduce dramatically in the coming years because it is a lot more comfortable to watch a film on television or computer than purchasing a ticket to go to cinema. This essay disagrees with the argument that cinemas will become less popular.

Watching movies on a large screen provides better clarity of pictures and a higher level of entertainment and because of these reasons the audience, especially youngsters, will prefer to watch films in cinema theatres. Young adults enjoy going to the cinema because it is a fun and relaxing activity for them.

According to a recent article published in Times of India, a survey was conducted among young people interested in watching films. It was found that about 65 % of the younger generation chose to see movies in theatres along with their friends on weekends in order have a break from the usual routine. So, going to cinema is not only for watching movies but also for having some leisure time with friends and family. Watching movies on a large screen is a more satisfying experience than watching it on a TV or a laptop because the large screen offers more clarity.

While it is comfortable to watch films at home, people choose theaters with precise audio- visual effects because they cannot afford to have such a broad range of accuracy on their small screens. For example, nowadays there has been a rise in 3D and 4D films which can be watched only on specialized devices. Furthermore, watching movies on a big screen often makes people more delighted and satisfied.

To conclude, the popularity of cinema theatres will not diminish as young people enjoy watching movies in the theatre because they provide total entertainment and also because the large screen offers precise sound and visual effects.

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