It Is Impossible To Succeed If You Cannot Speak A Foreign Language | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

As a result of globalization, it is impossible to succeed if you cannot speak one foreign language. Do you think everyone must learn at least one foreign language?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

With globalization and development in technology, the world has become a small village where geographical boundaries are becoming irrelevant. Some people opine that in order to succeed in this world, we should be able to speak at least one foreign language.  I do not quite agree with this view. This essay will discuss how important it is to speak a foreign language to succeed in life.

Language is an important means of communication especially when one is in a foreign country with no friends or family relatives around. When I was in New Zealand in the year 1990 on a pleasure trip, it was very difficult for me to communicate with locals. Back in those days there was no technology to assist me to communicate with people in English Because my first language is not English, communicating in a foreign language was not an easy task. At times I could not understand the locals’ English; at other times) they could not understand my thick Indian English accent. That was the time when I realized that I needed to improve my English to communicate effectively and become successful in my career.

As mentioned above it is good to speak at least one foreign language to be successful; however with current technology one does not need to learn any foreign language to become successful in one’s career. These days there are many language translation applications that are available on the Android store. We can install these applications and literally talk to the phone in our native dialect and the app does the rest. In the background, the application captures the audio from the recorder and translates the original language to any foreign language and plays the audio in a few seconds. With development in the technology and artificial intelligence we can communicate effectively without speaking a foreign language or hiring a translator. In other words, nowadays, it is not necessary to learn a foreign language to become successful in career.

To conclude, in this essay I discussed how our proficiency or lack of it in a foreign language can impact our career. I feel it is up to us to decide whether we want to learn a foreign language or not. With current technology, language is no more a barrier for effective communication or success at the workplace.

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