It Is Better To Have Friends With Similar Opinions | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think it’s better to choose friends who always have the same opinions as them. Other people believe it’s good to have friends who sometimes disagree with them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is argued that it is better to have friendship with those who share the same mindset. However, others believe it is fruitful to make friends with those who sometimes disagree / argue with us. Although friends who share our values and interests can better understand us in tough situations, people who criticize us or disagree with us could give proper guidance and show us the real situation. This essay will discuss both sides before arriving at a conclusion.

On the one hand, friends who share our thought process tend to understand us better in tough times of life. They can imagine themselves in our situation and provide us moral support. For instance, as per Harvard business Review, people who have identical mindset tend to recover faster from any kind of stress or anxiety when they share their problems with one another. Thus, it is quite evident that like-minded personalities assist each other effectively during harsh times.

On the other hand, buddies who sometimes contradict our idea or thought can guide us better and show us the reality of life. This kind of people may not support every one of our ideas because sometimes they suspect that we are not going on the right track. For example, if all the friends of a smoker are smokers, he will never get to hear about the harmful consequences of smoking. On the other hand, if he has at least a few non-smokers among his friends, they will constantly advise him to quit smoking. Obviously, there are benefits to having friends who do not possess the same likes and interests as us.

In conclusion, I personally believe that a person should have both like-minded and unlike-minded friends. While friends who share the same interests as us offer great company, those who differ from us can offer better perspective.

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Experts throughout the developing and developed world have debated whether it is better to have a friend who shares the same beliefs and thoughts as us or to have a companion who has a completely different mindset. This essay will discuss both sides after which I will provide my perspective on this controversial topic.

Those who hold the view that we should select a friend who shares the same opinion as us have their justifications. The main reason for their argument is that one can have a long lasting and harmonious relationship with someone if both of them have the same mindset. This is because there will be less conflict and fewer arguments.

 In addition to this, they enjoy their time being together, make good memories and take quick decision. For instance, my relationship with each of my friends has lasted for more than a decade; this is because we hardly have any disagreement when it comes to what to eat, which movie to watch and which game to play.

Those who believe that it is better for their companions to have different beliefs and to disagree with them have their rationale. They are convinced that if they have friends with different views, they will be able to make informed decisions. This is because friends who have different perspectives will encourage us to analyse things from different angles.

 In addition to this, we enhance our critical thinking abilities and increase our general knowledge. In contrast, if our friends share the same mindset as us, we will probably not be able to prevent some unfavourable outcomes of some decisions we make. Hence, a friend who disagrees with you in certain factors, in fact informs you regarding negative consequences of a step you are about to take.

In conclusion, both sides of the argument have merits. Having analysed both schools of thought, I am of the opinion that the benefits of having a partner who disagrees with us cannot be discounted especially with regard to decision making.

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6 Responses

  1. Shubham Kumar says:

    It is well said that ‘It is better to have one reliable friend than a thousand fair weather friends’. So it is very important to choose a friend very wisely. Few people chose friends who always have the same opinion as them. However, few people argue that it’s better to have friends in their circle which have a different perspective. I agree with the argument that it’s good to have a friend who sometimes disagrees with them as it helps us to think with a different perspective.
    To begin with, it is said that birds of the same feather are flocked together. The friends who always have the same opinion have better understanding and bonding between them. They often have less argument and come to the same consensus without having any fight and differences because they have the same mentality. Thus, their relationship is very strong and everlasting.
    On the other hand, friends who sometimes disagree with their friends often come up with a different perspective which is sometimes good for them. Sometimes best result comes from the brainstorming of different thoughts. It is often seen that if a person is under influence of anything could not take any decision wisely; they often take help from the person who gives genuine and correct suggestion to them which is sometimes the same opinion or different one. Moreover, opposite poles always attract each other so it is totally incorrect to say that people with a different opinion cannot be good friends.
    To recapitulate, after analyzing the above scenario it is not very hard to come on the consensus that it is good to have friends who have sometimes different thoughts because it is helpful in evaluating the problem in an effective way and sometimes different mindset provide effective solutions.

  2. SINA says:

    People have different views about choosing friends. Some people think friends must have same opinion and ideas, like my brother and his friends like to go mountain every week, and also he and his friends have a same think about drinking alcohol, none of them drink alcohol. However, some others believe it is better to have some friends with different beliefs and opinions. They think it is excellent and exciting to have friends to disagree with them.

    Some people think people should have a friendship with who have different ideas with them. Firstly, they can experience new things. For instance, last year, my friend and I go to Italia. I want to drink coffee as usual, but my friend told me to drink a new thing, and he pushes me to choose yellow tea. I finally decided to test that, and it is the best drink I have ever tested. Therefore, it is so exciting to experience new things. Secondly, if you have the same opinions with your friend in every major, life is going to routine. In reality, imagine that you go to coffee with your friend and both of you choose the same cake then you always try the same thing. Consequently, if you have the same ideas with your friends in everything, life becomes boring.

    Other people think it is better to have friends with the same beliefs. For one thing, they believe they never be lonely. For instance, if these people want to go to the beach for vacation, all of their friends go with them because they also like the beach. For another thing, these people do not like to experience new and weird things. In fact, these people like their peaceful life and they do not like to see strange things.

    In my opinion, it is valuable for me to have a friendship with people who have different views with me. I never feel uneasy about new things, and also I like to experience new things.

    In conclusion, although having a friendship with people with a different mind is interesting for some people, it is not appropriate for some other people to have this type of friends. In my experience, it is so wise to have friends with contrary and various opinions.

  3. Tanu says:

    The world is a diverse place with millions of people, and each entitled to their opinions. While a few believe its better to befriend people with different views there are some who disagree on this. We will be analyzing both while we arrive at a conclusion.
    People who think having friends with the very same thinking is good do so because this will reduce the chances of having clashes. This is one way to have long lasting relationships where there is no bad blood created because of arguments and fights. This can be supported by people having same thoughts on sensitive issues like religion and politics, as many a times this leads to people ending their ties.
    However, being surrounded by companions with varied viewpoints can help a person challenge their own thinking and it will also make one more inclusive and tolerant. This can also aid in developing better connections both personally and professionally. Moreover, in work environment we have co-workers with distinct ideas and belief, and here we must learn to be more open minded as it will be beneficial for one’s growth in professional life.
    After considering both the statements, I slant towards the latter and believe it is necessary to have buddies who can help us challenge our views and be better version of ourselves.
    To conclude, both points have their own pros and cons. Nevertheless, it can be summed up to suggest that it is better to keep company with people who will reason with us and make us more aware.

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