It Is Better To Choose Friends Who Always Agree With Us

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Some people opine that it is better to make friends with people who share their likes and interests. Others opine that it is nice to have a friend who sometimes opposes their views.  In my opinion, having friends who disagree with us on some topics can give us a better perspective of the situation we are in.

There are certainly several benefits to having a friend who agrees with us on most things. For example, friends with similar interests can watch a movie or plan an outing together. Since they have same tastes, there are fewer chances of conflicts between them. In this day and age when most people have stressful jobs, being in a stress free friendship is essential to save our sanity.

On the other hand, a friend who always agrees with us on all topics can sometimes do us more harm than good. Every one of us has our shortcomings and all of us make mistakes. If all of our friends always think like us, there will be no one to guide us to the right path when we go astray. For example, someone may be addicted to the nasty habit of smoking. He is more likely to choose friends who share the same liking for tobacco. Unfortunately, this does not help him in any way. As time passes by, his addiction to smoking will become more and more intense and he will develop various health problems. By contrast, if he had a friend who did not smoke, he is more likely to have quit this deadly habit years ago. Thus, it is evident that sometimes friends with dissimilar interests and views can be beneficial to us.

In conclusion, having friends who agree with us certainly makes our lives less stressful. However, it is essential to have at least a few friends who do not think like us because they can give us better perspectives on life.

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