It Is Better For Children If Whole Families Are Involved In Their Upbringing | Band 7 Agree Or Disagree IELTS Essay Sample

It is better for children if the whole families (e.g. aunts, uncles and grandparents) are involved in the children’s upbringing, rather than their fathers and mothers only. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion? 

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

The rise of nuclear families and their effects on children’s upbringing lead to the question about whether children should be raised in an extended family in which their grandparents, uncles and aunts can contribute to their growth or not. While such families are not without their drawbacks, I believe that it is better for children to be reared in such families.

To begin with, most children benefit from being reared in such families. It is widely acknowledged that the vast majority of young adults are always occupied with their full-time job tasks and have limited time for their children. Therefore, in nuclear families, children are more likely to spend excessive amounts of time playing online games which are addictive and offer rewards to encourage them to progress into advanced levels. Consequently, they waste a lot of time which should have been spent on doing their homework or playing a physical sport.

Conversely, in extended families, children can be looked after by their aunts or grandparents who will ensure that they are fed on time and dedicate enough time to homework by supervising them.  Besides, children can develop strong social skills which contribute to their future career success. Compared with those children who are reared in nuclear families, in extended families, they learn how to mingle with other family members who have diverse personalities and attitudes and this exposure will cultivate their interpersonal skills. This enables them to grow into adults with better social skills which prepare them better for the future job markets, since we are in an increasingly teamwork-oriented workplace where social skills are highly valued by employers.

In conclusion, it is beneficial to raise children in extended families, where they receive the love and care of their grandparents. Children who grow up in such environments are more secure and demonstrate better social skills.

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