Is Freedom Of Speech Necessary In A Free Society? | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Is freedom of speech necessary in a free society? Give reasons for your answer.

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Band 9 essay sample

It is debatable whether free speech is an absolute must or not. In my opinion, it should definitely be protected because it is crucial for the progress and wellbeing of the society; however, there are certain situations where it needs to be reined.

Like every other form of freedom, freedom of speech is not absolute. No one should have the right to say whatever they want regardless of the consequences. Words are like weapons. They can hurt if they are not wielded carefully. For example, if someone ridicules another for being born with a certain disability it can have a very damaging effect on the victim. Thus, in my opinion, people with disability should be protected from a personal attack wrapped in the name of free speech. Furthermore, any forms of bullying should not be tolerated. Whether it is verbal or physical, no one should suffer when another person exercises their freedom of speech. For instance, nowadays it is popular among web-users to ‘troll’ someone online. This act of ridiculing others on the web is popularly called trolling and it is very toxic. Trolling has even led to suicides. Therefore, freedom of speech should have its limits and law should be drafted to protect people from its misuse.

On the other hand, freedom of speech and expression is crucial for the healthy functioning of the society. The freedom to express opinions is crucial for a civilized society to correct its course for a better tomorrow. Regardless of how controversial an issue is, people should have the freedom to express themselves and be heard of. This is one way for the government to assess public sentiment and take actions for a brighter future. Hence, free speech is not only beneficial but also mandatory for a society to progress. Without it, authorities will have full control over the people and progress will not be made.

In conclusion, free speech should have its limitations and no one should be allowed to hurt another person by mouthing whatever they feel like. At the same time, it should be protected and encouraged because in a free society everyone has the right to be heard.

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  1. Shyam says:

    Freedom to express the opinion is one of the social rights of a citizen. Still, it is debatable whether there should be any restriction imposed on the level of its usage.
    We live in a society where everyone wants their voice to be heard. They believe that it is necessary to speak and convey opinions and ideas with fellow people when they live in an open society. When individuals open up with their ideology, they clarify their stand with different issues happening in their surroundings. Whereas, any restriction to abide by limited speech makes them feel that their rights have been breached since that point. For instance, when kurfus are declared under unlikely situations, people are not allowed to meet in groups and talk to each other. They feel they are silenced and suppressed by force.
    On the other hand, the power to speak should not be mistaken as the privilege to utter anything as one wish. Applying logic and understanding the situation is the key to exert our right of speech. Words are powerful than weapons and it should be used wisely and nicely. In other words, the consequences of our speech should be determined and if necessary should be reined. For instance, especially, political leaders should be careful while using their prerogative to exchanging messages with other governments to avoid any serious conflicts during wartime.

    Thus, to sum up, everyone should be allowed to enjoy the freedom of speech and each individual should be cautious while using their language.

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