Internet Will Never Replace Traditional Course Of Books In Schools | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Internet will never replace traditional course of books in schools. How far you agree with this prediction?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays traditional sources of information have been replaced by the computer and internet. However, some people insist that sources of information on the internet will never be able to fully replace academic textbooks. I strongly agree with the argument that blogs or websites cannot be a substitute for academic textbooks in schools.

Many schools are now computerized. That means they make extensive use of computers and the internet in the classroom. Even so, it is still common for students to carry their textbooks to schools. One major downside of depending entirely on online sources of information is that they are not always reliable. Anyone can post anything online. While it is true that there are plenty of credible websites online, there are even more websites that spread false or misleading information. Children are too young to separate the grain from the chaff and for this reason, websites will never fully replace textbooks which are edited by expert academicians.

Internet sources have other limitations too. The most important one is that they can only be accessed on a device. Some schools in some parts of the world are trying to replace books with tablets or laptops. However, in my opinion, such measures have their limitations and often invite the criticism of parents. While using tablets and internet in the classroom eliminates the need for children to carry heavy textbooks to schools, tablets have their shortcomings too. To start with, they are not easy on the eye. Constant staring at the screen will cause eyestrain and now children as young as five or six years complain of headache and short sight. Because of these reasons many parents disapprove of the use of tablets instead of textbooks.

To conclude, the internet is the vastest pool of information available to humans; yet, the chances of it fully replacing textbooks in schools are rare. Books are prepared by subject experts and contain only authentic information. This is not the case with the internet where anyone can post anything. Hence, I believe that the internet will never fully replace books.

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