International Tourists Creates More Conflicts Than Understanding | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

International tourism is becoming a major industry. Some people think it causes more tension than the anticipated understanding between different countries. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Tourism has become a major industry over the last few decades. In fact, for some countries tourists are the biggest source of revenue. While it is generally believed that tourism, especially international tourism, promotes understanding among people of different cultures and beliefs some people argue that it creates more conflicts and tension. I do not quite agree with this. While I do admit that international tourism has some negative aspects to it, in my opinion, its disadvantages pale in comparison to its advantages.

The influx of tourists can certainly cause some problems in the host country. Tourists may damage the local environment by littering around. This can be a real problem in places that attract a large number of people. A few of them might even show disrespect to the local culture and thus create conflicts. However, such incidents are rare. Tourists generally abide by the local rules and customs even if they do not really respect them. Most of them understand the dangers involved in getting into conflicts with the local community. Therefore, the argument that tourism creates more tension does not hold much water.

On the flip side, tourism offers numerous benefits. It benefits travelers as well as their hosts. Tourists help the local economy thrive. During their visit they buy local handicrafts or produce and thus help the local artisans and farmers earn a living. In fact, nations that attract a large number of international tourists have generally higher standard of living because of the valuable foreign exchange they earn. Better still, tourism broadens the perspectives of people. People who travel are more tolerant of change and diversity. They understand that it is all right to speak a different language, have a different skin colour or belong to a different faith. Actually this understanding is what we need in this age where people fight over trivial issues like race, religion or skin colour.

To conclude, after analysing the situation, it is not hard to see that tourism does not cause tension. It might cause environmental problems in extremely popular tourist destinations but the chances of tourists creating conflicts are rather slim. After all, people travel to learn and discover. They will not fly thousands of miles if their only objective was to create conflict in another part of the world.

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4 Responses

  1. Dass Ravi David says:

    Kindly evaluate my essay and give feedback – Thank you.

    Nowadays, International tourism plays a vital role in nation’s economy and it is one of the major industry. Tourism is expected to create understanding among different countries, however, some people state that it is causing many conflicts. I do partially agree with the above statement and we shall discuss the reasons in this essay.
    To start with, tourism increases a countries revenue by increasing foreign exchange and by giving lot of job opportunities for the local citizens. For example, hotels and restaurants, tours and travels etc will be greatly affected if there is no tourists or tourism in some places. A counties historical pride is also maintained by the global tourism.
    On the other hand, some people view that tourism is causing lot of tension and few other problem. Firstly, tourism to certain countries are considered highly dangerous and problematic and the government has completely banned the foreigners from visiting such places. For instance, in the recent years, people are restricted to enter Syria for site seeing due to terrorists activities. Secondly, tourism is not allowed during some period to some nations when there is disease outbreak. To cite an example, when there was epidemic outbreak of ‘Nipah’ virus in Kerala state of India, tourism was strictly banned to avoid tensions of carrying the disease to other parts of the world. In such awful occasions, tourism creates lot of pressure not only on the citizens but also on the government.
    In conclusion, in my opinion, tourism is considered to be a highly profitable industry which creates a global understanding , however, there are some reasons worth considering, which proves that it could cause some serious pressure and some sort of tensions worldwide.

    • ielts practice says:

      Your essay seems band 6.5 to me. While your ideas are good, there are several grammar mistakes. especially in the use of nouns and pronouns. There are some subject-verb agreement mistakes too.

  2. Papaya Gray says:

    Please give me a band score for this essay. I wonder whether it is a little off topic?

    These days, travelling overseas has become more popular all over the world. While some people argue that this trend raises conflicts among people of different countries, I am of the opinion that global tourism is the stable bridge that connects cultures.
    To commence with, traveling abroad provides tourists with more understanding about a foreign country’s history and geography. Almost all natural destinations and historical remaining have been exploited and equipped with adequate facilities and services. This helps ensure that tourists will have the best experience possible and thus, creating a positive impression about that country. For example, when travelers come to the historical Korean castle, they will have a chance to explore the ancient royal life represented and even try on national costumes through different dynasties. This makes the trip more interesting and attractive to these tourists and therefore, creates inside themselves a deeper insight in that nation.
    Moreover, an overseas trip can also help improve a tourist’s knowledge about that country’s traditions and customs. When traveling abroad, tourists are likely to be exposed to ingenious people and their lifestyle. As a result, they may discover various interesting differences between cultures and thus, treasuring more these foreign cultures as well as their own one. This also helps enrich their real-life experience and skills for their daily life. For example, foreign travelers may be overwhelmed by the British’s complicated table manners, but understanding all of them helps a lot when having a high standard dinner in a Western-style restaurant.
    To conclude, I believe that global traveling can cement the understanding between different cultures because it opens the door for tourists to explore various aspects of a foreign country.

    • Manjusha Nambiar says:

      Your content is okay; both grammar and vocabulary need some improvement. This is close to band 7.

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