International Tourist Arrivals In Five Regions

Sample report

The line graph shows the number of tourists that five regions received during the period between 1995 and 2010. Overall, it can be seen that throughout the given period, the US received considerably more tourists than other countries. While in 1995, the US received 70 million tourists, by 2005, it increased to 90 million tourists. Tourist arrivals in the US declined slightly over the next five years. France witnessed a dramatic increase in tourist arrivals during the given period. While they received only 30 million tourists in 1995, by 2010, this figure skyrocketed to 88 million tourists. Malaysia witnessed a moderate increase in tourist arrivals from 20 million in 1995 to around 45 million in 2010. Brazil and Egypt received the same number of tourists (10 million) in 1995. While tourist arrivals in both countries increased over the next 15 years, the growth was not particularly impressive. Egypt still received slightly more tourists than Brazil in 2010.

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