Individuals And Society Would Be Better If Employees Work 6 Hours Per Day | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Individuals and society would be better if employees work 6 hours per day. What is your opinion?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is believed that the work time of staff should be reduced to 6 hours per day. While implementing this policy can prepare employees better for their personal lives, it is not practical.

It is true that adopting such a policy is beneficial to workers’ health. It is widely acknowledged that the vast majority of employees suffer from exhaustion caused by the relatively long working hours, and do not have enough time and energy to play a sport. As a result, many of them lead sedentary lifestyles which make them prone to developing illnesses like high blood pressure and obesity.

Conversely, reducing their working time into 6 hours can alter this unhealthy life mode by enabling them to allocate some time for exercise.  However, implementing this policy will have more drawbacks. To begin with, the reduction in working time means a decrease in the profits of enterprises. Consequently, for maintaining their current margins many employers are) likely to minimize their salary costs by firing some employees or reducing their salaries, making it difficult for these workers to earn a living. Moreover, the reduction in employees’ incomes will hurt the economy, since it will have a direct impact on their purchasing power. When the demand for products fall, manufacturers will be forced to reduce production and many more employees will lose their jobs.

In conclusion, while employees can reap health benefits from the policy that reduce their working hours implementing such a policy is detrimental to the economic growth of individuals as well as the society.

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