In The Past, When Students Did A University Degree, They Tended To Study In Their Own Country | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In the past, when students did a university degree, they tended to study in their own country. Nowadays, they have more opportunity to study abroad. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development? You should use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Earlier students did their higher education in their country, but now due to globalisation students have a lot of opportunities to go to foreign countries for higher education. I would like to discuss the pros and cons of this development in this essay.

One advantage of pursuing higher studies abroad is that students get to interact with different kinds of people and learn about new cultures and languages. This helps to enhance their perspectives. For example, recent studies have shown that people who have studied and worked in different counties are more adaptive and knowledgeable. They can have better career opportunities because they bring new ideas and technology.

On the other hand, studying abroad has its own cons. Students who tend to go to other countries for higher education try to make the new country their home. They finish their studies, start with their career and settle down there. For example many Indian students go to foreign countries like the United States of America to pursue their higher education. Instead of returning to their country after completing their studies, they get enamoured of the sophisticated lifestyle of the rich country and choose to live there. In this way, many developing and under developed countries lose valuable human resources.

In conclusion, there are both benefits and drawbacks to studying abroad. The main advantage is that the students get to learn a lot of new things while studying abroad.  The main disadvantage is that they may choose not to return to their country and thus fail to contribute to its development.

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5 Responses

  1. Jyoti says:

    Some young people believe it’s best to move out of their hometowns when they become adults, while others wish to live in their hometowns their whole lives. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    “You can either be a tiger in a hole and a fox elsewhere or be a tiger everywhere.” This statement is echoes the sentiment of the topic I will discuss now on whether according to young people’s opinion it’s best to move out of their hometowns when they become adults, or to live in their hometowns their whole lives.

    “Life begins always at the end of your comfort zone.” This proverb throws in the strongest weight behind the proposition to move out of the homeland. Firstly, outside your home area you are completely on your own. For example it is analogous to playing a cricket match outside on a foreign soil. So, one strong step realigns their mindset just as a captain decides for a different strategy on outside home nations. They become adept in making decisions for themselves and can read the situations and adapt themselves to it. Thus, they create their own identity. Secondly, leaving the house gives you a sense of freedom, independence and responsibility. The person becomes the boss of his wishes. The youth understands the pangs of life, the fight to survive and this struggle grinds them from inside to make them more resilient. For example, my father came to Calcutta away from his hometown of Darjeeling with just 3 suitcases and after going tough for 20 years , he now enjoys the fruits of his labor in form of a stable, high-paying job with a car and a nice cozy bungalow. It is his internal fighting spirit that has brought him here , something he would have never achieved if he lived in Darjeeling.

    To counterargue, not many can survive the hardships of setting up a new establishment elsewhere. They always need a back-up support mechanism to hold their backs in order to dig in. For example, my father in the initial of arrival was fully dependent on uncle for monetary help and at times went hungry to save money. So, staying in hometown can save the younger people from the pain of being a struggler before earning success. Mental peace is also a big factor which is amplified by the fact that when nouveau adults stay close to their loved ones they succeed faster with struggling much because of familial ties which gets them the things done. For example, my nephew’s dad who lives till today in Jamshedpur is dentist by profession. He quickly settled there near his ancestral home and makes a good living with strong ties to local businessmen who support him.

    So, I strongly believe that both the paths are challenging in their own ways but to live alone and then set up a living is a different game altogether. If the person believes that he can cross the Rubicon ( and take Rome ) , he must not hesitate. Self-belief is the determinant here that will tell whether he lives or goes away.

  2. Laksha says:

    Nowadays all the students have more chance to study in a foreign country. However, in the past everyone used to do their bachelors in their own country. I believe that move to an another country for higher studies is a great thing for all the students.

    On one hand, there are so many reasons to choose a foreign country for higher studies. Such as different nationalities, different cultures, and job opportunities. All Asian countries students prefer to study in a Europe countries because of that, it helps them to experience new thing for their life. They can learn about new cultures, can work engaging with different nationalities. As in Europe university have mixed cultural and mixed nationality students. Furthermore, students have a chance to find a better workplace after their studies. It is a really good opportunity to them. However, work with foreign people and learn things what are helpful to make their life successful. Also, they can improve their talents, experience, and knowledge as well.

    On the other hand, move to another country is not an easy thing for everyone. Thus, students should spend a lot of money for their degrees than own country. Also, cost of living as well. Moreover, we ought to learn a foreign language. For a example, if we planning to move to England for higher studies. We should get higher score for the IELTS/TOFEL/PET. Without that we have no chance to enter to a foreign country or university. Also, learning a foreign language is most important for students day to day life, keep in contact with each other and continue their studies. In addition, live so far from home is another hurting thing for all of them. Because all the students should learn things to manage without their parents.

    According to the views, there are several kinda advantages and disadvantages of this development. As sometimes some students are able to choose a good path and some others are not. So it is a dangerous situation.

    As a whole, this development has plethora of advantages rather than disadvantages. Continue higher studies in a foreign country is a most important and helpful thing not only students but also to the whole country and to the economy of the country.

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