In The Past People Used To Wear Traditional Clothes Depending On Their Culture | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In the past people used to wear their traditional clothes depending on their culture. Nowadays the trend is changing and people wear different clothes. Is it a positive or negative development? How does it affect certain societies and people’s behavior?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

People have been taking pride in their culture by wearing ethnic attires since antiquity. However, modernization has transformed the world these days and people wear various garments and do not give importance to traditional clothes. Owing to this, cultural symbols are gradually diminishing and individuals, as well as societies, are getting impacted. Hence, it is a negative trend as people are getting detached from their own culture and society.

In the bygone eras, people usually wore traditional attires that distinguished them from other cultures. Hence, it is evident that these clothes represent our culture. If the significance of these garments is lost then culture will be affected. For example, now-a-days many people from East India do not wear sarees and dhotis on the occasion of the ‘Makar Sankranti’ festival, which is one of the famous festivals of that region. As a result, the indigenous culture has started fading away and soon it will become history. Hence, although we can wear different kinds of clothes as per our wish and convenience, we should respect our culture by wearing ethnic clothes more often so that this ethnicity will pass down to the next generations.

Moreover, there are other negative implications to this, which impact) the attitudes of an individual and society. Undoubtedly, traditional clothes bring positive vibes and light up / brighten our moods. Moreover, people feel a sense of belonging to a particular community when they are in their respective ethnic. In other words, it binds a society as one and gives it unique characteristics. Lack of this certainly disintegrates the society and people will lose their individuality. For example, a popular attire ‘Mekhla-Sador’ gives a unique identity to Assamese women. Hence, wearing traditional garments is imperative for an individual as well as a society.

To recapitulate, in this contemporary era, traditional clothes are losing their importance due to globalization. It is a negative trend as it affects the society as well as individuals by making them lose their originality.

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2 Responses

  1. PJS says:

    Some people believe that people should only wear clothes that represent their culture, while some argue that wearing same type of clothes is a good thing. Personally, I am of the opinion that more and more people wearing similar type of attire is indeed a positive way to show harmony and express the feeling of unity.
    Earlier, people from different regions of the world had their own attire and they felt comfortable wearing only those clothes. However, nowadays, people from different parts of the world interact with each other quite frequently. They have become more aware of the different cultures and do not hesitate to wear the dresses representing those cultures. In India, women only had the option of traditional sarees and suits to choose from. Now, these women have shifted to wearing blazers and jeans which are predominantly worn by women from the West.
    This shows that people have become open to accepting the clothes from different cultures and there is no shyness in wearing similar type of clothes. People from one region do not discourage others from wearing the attire usually worn by them. People are motivated to support one another instead of thinking that different parts of the world should deal with their own problems. Moreover, wearing same type of clothes is economically profitable as large bulks of clothes can be manufactured and sold at a lesser cost.
    While there is a risk of losing cultural diversity if people from different cultures wear similar type of clothes, still I believe that wearing same attire around the globe should be seen as a positive change that has increased the feeling of oneness in the people.

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