In The Past, Many People Had Skills Such As Making Their Own Clothes And Doing Repair To Things In The House | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

In the past, many people had skills such as making their own clothes and doing repair to things in the house. In many countries, nowadays, skills like these are disappearing. Why do you think this change is happening? How far is this situation true in your country?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Earlier people used to do a lot of things like fixing things or making clothes using their hands. Now, they hire a service provider or buy readymade items. In my opinion, this is because people have become busier and their priorities have changed. In my country, too, this is slowly becoming the norm but traditional skills have not fully disappeared.

To begin with, looking after household was previously considered as women’s responsibility. As the dynamic started to change, household related responsibilities were no longer the highest priority for the family. While women started to pursue their careers in the previously dominated male professions, these skills stopped offering women a sense of accomplishment and independence. Men faced competition at work and this forced them to work harder, resulting in further negligence of these skills. Hiring a handyman or buying readymade clothes became easier. On top of that, these jobs lost their importance as they started being regarded as menial jobs. This resulted in disappearance of these skills from households.

In my country, the situation is slightly different. While many traditional skills are disappearing, people are also showing a keen interest to preserve certain skills and practices. For example, knowing how to do household repair work is being looked upon as a sign of independence. Young people are taking great pride in completing household work like repairing heater or fixing electric wires. While in smaller villages, people still do minor household repair work such as changing a faucet. Some even go to the extent of doing plastering and entire plumbing on their own. Women might not sew clothes for the entire family but are frequently seen knitting sweaters or stitching cloths for infants and toddlers.

In conclusion, a few skills are disappearing in many parts of the world due to the busy life. In my country new generation has started to understand the importance of acquiring these skills. They are making efforts to pursue them as essential life skills or hobbies.

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