In The Past, Many People Had Skills Such As Making Their Own Clothes And Doing Repair To Things In The House

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A few decades ago, many people were quite capable of doing most everyday jobs. For example, they could sew their own clothes or repair household objects that do not work properly. Nowadays, few people possess these skills. In my opinion, this is due to industrialization which made consumer goods readily available and cheap.

When I was a kid, my mother would sew our torn clothes. She also knew a little bit of embroidery which she used to embellish our clothes. She was a housewife and had plenty of free time. She could do such jobs. Likewise, my father could do most jobs around the house. He could fix the loose legs of tables, change light bulbs, repair fans or sharpen knives. Now I am a mother and when my children’s clothes get torn off, I do not bother to fix them myself. I neither have the time nor the skill and hence the best option for me to take those clothes to a tailor or buy new clothes. People these days are busier and do not have time to invest in such ‘lowly’ jobs which they can get done by others for a small fee. Likewise, due to industrialization, now most goods have become quite cheaper and it no longer makes sense to get old or malfunctioning products repaired. A better option is to buy an altogether new product.

The situation in my country is not much different. While people in villages may still possess some of these skills, in cities fewer and fewer people are capable of fixing things on their own. Poor people may still try to repair things because they cannot hire someone to do it. More affluent people lack that inclination and always hire a workman to fix things for them. 

To conclude, industrialization made goods cheaper and eliminated the need to repair old or worn out products. Also, people are busier now and cannot afford to spend much time on those tedious jobs which they can easily outsource.

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